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Advice About College? Three Common College Myths Debunked!

I clearly remember how it was like when I was about to graduate from high school. Graduating seniors were buzzing about what life was like pursuing a further education in a polytechnic or college. There were stories about how life would be more exciting. You get to have more freedom like wearing your own clothes, lessons that actually make sense to your dream job, and you can even choose to study abroad and choose the hours! What was there not to like about it?

Being the information-vulture, I asked around for advice about college. Some were good and gave me accurate insights. Others were subjective and threw me off-course. Nonetheless, I managed to survive, graduate and accumulate a load of roller-coaster but enriching experiences. Here are three common pieces of advice about college or college myths I like to call it, and my analysis:

1) Answers to assignments cannot be found in textbooks
True. This worried me at first, but it soon became as natural as breathing. Assignments tend to give a lot of open-ended questions, especially for design and business courses. Sometimes, even science majors fret over coming up with their own research topics.

This is nothing to be afraid of. As a future working professional, refreshing and problem-solving solutions are hardly ever found in text books. They are invented. Assignments with no correct or wrong answers are best for developing critical thinking. A strong command of thinking skills in the our globalized world is a must. You are no longer competing with your fellow countrymen but the citizens of the world. And open-ended assignments like these prepare you for this basic requirement.

2) Chances of landing a job in your field of study are minimal.
After graduation, I found this piece of advice vague and very subjective. My conclusion was simple: you are the master of your own fate. Your determination to achieve your dream job will get you there. So whether or not you are studying in your field of interest, you can control the outcome!

However, knowing what you want before you enter college gives you a competitive edge. It allows you to make the right choices. Completing a course relevant to your strength gives you higher chances of landing a job in that field.

3) Schools will give you internships with irrelevant job scopes
This is a true horror story. I knew a few people who studied design courses. One of them ended up working as a cleaner in a design company. However, going to reputable schools can help you avoid such problems. Look out too for schools that hire lecturers with strong credentials. Those with industry experience are able to recommend existing contacts working in the industry. And that is one of the many ways on how schools get relevant placements for students.

You can also take matters into your own hands and search for your own internships. Just compile your portfolio if you are design student, smarten up your résumé and send them off! Even if companies are not listing job positions, do not hesitate to ask. Most companies hire interns easily.

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Three Reasons You Can Run A Successful Business With Your Community College Degree

Three Reasons You Can Run a Successful Business With Your Community College Degree
Why not run a successful business with your community college degree? Lots of folks have thought of it. Many follow through and are reaping the fruits of their success. However, there are many who are wary about starting a business with the degree they earned from a community college. Others never even try because of the stories of failure they hear.
However, do they understand the concepts entirely? Do they seek out the reasons why they can be successful? This article will examine three reasons why you can run a successful business with your community college degree. While a degree from a community college may not prepare you to run a company on your own, it will certainly provide a foundation that you can build on to one day be a successful entrepreneur.
First, a community college degree arms you with the technical knowledge youll need to work in a company to learn the full technicalities of your business of choice. Even though you might need a few years of training and before you know it you can start your own business. earning your two year degree can put you in prime position to capitalize on it.
Second, you can start to network while you are working on your degree. The leading reason behind that is the fact that your professors have the knowledge on what you want to do. Speak to them and discover how you can monetize what you are learning in college. And also do not forget to speak to other aspiring students who want to start their own business. Take down their information and remember them when you branch out on your own if youre opening to taking on business partners.
Third, you can start your own success business with your community college by starting projects based around your degree then look for venture or other types of funding.
Imagine the possibilities of running a successful business with your community college degree. Give yourself a chance of utilizing your community college degree with the tips above and give yourself a shot at running a successful business with your community college degree.

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