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Don’t You Think Your College Days Were Best?

College photos will definitely bring back some memories of your college days. Most of them don’t mean only just photos to you anymore. Over the years they have actually become a part and parcel of your life. On most occasions when you look at them you are taken back to your good old days that you had spent in the college campus. It is on such occasions that you find it difficult to stop thinking about past.

Most first-timers to college are found to be full of enthusiasm and a positive feel. Therefore, it’s not surprising to notice some amazing kind of dreams these first-time college goers have. You can easily spot many who yearn to chase dream of becoming an engineer, doctor, scientist, computer wizard, historian, and the list goes on. The ‘odd men out'(s) are the ones who are at college for the heck of it. Irrespective of what real intensions are, memories associated with these photos simply just can’t be replaced with anything else in this world.

It is a normal phenomenon these days to have a girl friend or boy friend in college life, depending upon which gender one belongs to. Under these situations, when you see one such college pictures you are sure to miss your Ex college lass and numerous types of entertainment, fun and frolic you had with your Ex. For instance, one of these pictures might show you hugging your old flame that may eventually flash some emotional incidents back into your memory. Also, there might be one picture that is sure to take you back to your convocation days. When you see it, you may feel as if your favorite professor is standing beside you. It is universally accepted, pictures will tell you a certain story which is difficult to narrate in black and white.

During your college days, you must have gone for college movies on a blind date with a bombshell of your class. You didn’t want to miss a single occasion that gives you a chance to indulge into some romance with her. That is the reason why you had settled for this movie. “Can someone get back my wonderful college life?” – is what most people scream after seeing such a movie.

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Think Long-term And Get A College Degree

People have different outlook and goals in life, and depending on this outlook that you have, is your opinion of how important college education or education as a whole is. So maybe you are Paris Hilton and you are a heiress to a multi-million dollar company and what you will probably inherit is enough to finance your shopping sprees and clubbing every night and day. And so, it makes you think that if the purpose of getting a degree is to get and earn money, then why do you have to through the grueling days of college when you already have millions at your disposal, right?

But maybe, you are not like her and you are like her sister Nicky Hilton (or Ivanka Trump, depending which you prefer more). She too is an heiress to a multi-million dollar company but she believes that college education is more vital than ever because she will inherit a big company and it takes someone who is well-educated in running a company to successfully keep the company running. She is not short-sighted in her goals and aspirations, but rather, she thinks of the long-term conditions.

But you are probably not an heir or heiress to a multi-million dollar company. Most probably you are just one of the youngsters from a middle class family earning just enough to keep a roof over your heads and food in your table. And now, you are thinking, is it really that important to have a college degree?

I will tell you now, that no matter what your standing in life is, a college degree is vital and you must have it in order for you to have better chances at getting a good-paying job that is stable and legal. Yes, you might be having difficulties financially, but this should not be a reason for you to dismiss the idea of getting a college degree at all. There are lots of grants and scholarships available out there that you can apply for. This alone should motivate you. You should tell yourself that: yes, I can get my college degree; I just have to work hard.

Life is a long journey to take, that I can tell you. And for you to have a good chance of having a decent, if not a comfortable life while in that journey, then you should go get a college degree. Just imagine yourself in a room full of other people looking for jobs. And let us say fifty percent of the people there have college degrees, do you think that you will be able to get the job and beat the other people with college degrees? I will tell you, most probably, the job you will get is waiting at a restaurant in the day and find another part-time job just to make ends meet. Maybe when you are still single, this can be enough for you. What about when you decide to start a family? Will this still be enough?

Like I said, think of long-term goals and visions. For me, it is better that you undergo a hard time while in college and after that, be more comfortable and find a better paying job. Then maybe you can start saving for your future plans after that. See what I mean?

This article was written by Donna Anderson who is a passionate writer and author. You may view more of his articles on this subject by going to his website located at Grants for Adults. Donna Anderson also writes about many other subjects and is a published writer with almost a dozen websites.

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