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Education Pays For College Graduates

Paying for college can be a costly proposition, so some students may question whether their schooling is really worth the cost of tuition in the long run. It isn’t surprising for students to wonder about the issue as they go about signing up for a student loan, searching for scholarships or applying for campus jobs to raise the money they need.

The simple answer to the question is that education really does pay. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has documented that more highly educated citizens tend to have higher earnings and lower unemployment rates than those who have less schooling.

In 2009, the median income for a person with less than a high school education was $ 454 a week, according to BLS reports. The weekly median earnings increased as educational level increased. For example, people with high school diplomas had a median income of $ 626. Those with bachelor degrees made $ 1,025 weekly and those with doctorates made $ 1,532.

The unemployment rate for Americans with less than a high school diploma was 14.6 percent in 2009. For high school graduates, the unemployment rate was only 9.7 percent. College graduates with a bachelor’s degree had an average 5.2 percent unemployment rate, and those with doctorate degrees had a 2.5 percent rate.

Over the last 25 years, the salaries of people with a higher education have been rising more rapidly than those who do not have a college degree, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In addition, those with college or professional degrees also could expect to earn more money over their lifetime than those without these degrees, the U.S. Census Bureau reports.

A college education also promises to grow in value in the future. The BLS Current Population Survey indicates that occupations that primarily hire college graduates are projected to gain new jobs more quickly than other employment fields. The survey estimated that “pure college” occupations would grow 22 percent between 2002 and 2012, compared to an average 15 percent for all jobs.

A variety of options are available to students to pay for college expenses, including scholarships and grants, private student loans, federal programs and work-study jobs. When students begin to examine ways to finance their education, they can feel confident that they are making a choice that should have a positive impact on their future in the work force. Once students have graduated, research clearly demonstrates that they should also have a greater chance of staying employed and earning more money in their lifetime than if they had not pursued a higher learning degree.

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Jobs For Art Degree Graduates

Starting a career that is in some way related to your creativity, can be an immensely satisfying way to earn money. Before you begin to search for possible openings you can apply for, it would be useful to understand how different occupations related to creativity vary in terms of job description and salary.

As a general rule, it is believed that careers that involve artistic skills provide lower rates of pay that most other sectors. Though this is true in the most part, it does not mean that the income available is not attractive and that the profiles are not rewarding.

It can be extremely productive to spend some amount of time researching various career options, and finding out the different educational requirements and compensatory packages. There are some occupations for people of an artistic bent that do not require a special degree, for example if you wanted to set up your own craft store or gallery.

Always keep in mind that there are a huge range of careers and profiles available relating to art. For example, if you enjoy drawing, there is the possibility of developing a career as a book illustrator, film animator, game designer, or graphic designer. It makes sense to search for an occupation that involves an activity you enjoy and are passionate about.

The number of job opportunities available in your local area that involve artistic skills would depend upon the population. Small towns generally have the fewer openings for people of an artistic persuasion. To have access to the greatest number of vacancies, it can be worthwhile relocating to a large city or a mid size town. If you are not willing to shift base, you may need to scale down your aspirations, maybe you will have to settle for becoming a teacher or an assistant in a museum or gallery.

It can be extremely useful to talk to people already employed in a position that involves art about the benefits and pitfalls of their occupation. The internet is a great resource for sharing information and opinions on various jobs and careers. There are forums you can visit where you can have access to important feedback and viewpoints on working in this field. Spend time researching the pros and cons of particular occupations, you would not want to find out only after being accepted for a job that it does not allow you to express your creativity to the full.

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Jobs For College Graduates: Having Trouble Looking For A Job? The Perfect Job For College Graduates

I admit, I was at a loss for what to do myself when I graduated college. I graduated from a university with my Bachelor’s degree in communications and didn’t have any prospects for a high-paying job. I was pretty much left to find my own way. Sure, I could get part-time work that paid almost nothing at my local mall, but that’s hardly a route I was willing to take as a college graduate.

Then a friend of mine (yeah – a real friend, not the “made up” kind people use as a reference) told me about a high-paying writing company online. I could work from home and claim as many job assignments as I could handle. I was a little skeptical at first, but as I had nothing to lose, I signed up right away.

My biggest worry was, what qualifications do I need to have for this job? I had some previous writing experience at a different company plus some experience writing for my school, but nothing highly professional. My friend told me the company was really just looking for writing experience in general – even if I only had experience blogging.

So I sat down at my computer and punched out a rsum in half an hour. I looked through some of my previously written articles for a good example of my writing talent, proofed it over and over and finally submitted my application.

I expected to wait for days or weeks before I heard back from the company. So it came as a complete shock when I looked at my inbox half an hour later and saw an email from the company. They accepted me almost instantly! Looked like I was set for a job after all.

Next morning, I got up, showered and again sat down at my computer. I opened up the assignment desk on the writing company’s website, expecting to choose from just a couple assignments. There were 150,000 writing assignments to choose from! No joke!

This plethora of work possibilities got me thinking – there must be thousands of college graduates just like me who need part-time or full-time jobs just like this one. There’s no way even 1,000 writers could ever claim 150,000 writing assignments at a time – there’s an opportunity here for jobs for college graduates!

I’m a living example of a successful college graduate who got a job as a freelance writer and loves it. Of course, it comes with challenges, but in this economy, I’m thankful to wake up to a job every morning.

Here’s just a few of the perks I enjoy at the online publishing companies I work for:

1. $ 1500+ per month
2. Health and optometry insurance eligibility
3. 200,000+ assignments to choose from daily
4. Recurring income on articles that pay per view
5. High-paying assignments as a featured writer

If you’re looking for jobs for college grads, start getting serious about your financial future and get paid writing. I have several years’ experience in the professional freelance writing field and I will show you exactly which online media publishers pay you the most for your writing, how to apply for better writing positions, and how to make several hundred dollars or more per month.

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Future College Graduates Consider Outsourcing

It is no secret these days that many of the large corporations are outsourcing their work to countries like India, North Korea and China but have you as a future student taken into consideration how outsourcing might effect your choice of careers because there are areas of employment which will enjoy some protection from outsourcing and other areas which will only be effected in terms of how much damage outsourcing does to the nation’s economy on the whole.

It would be a wise decision to consider that you might not want to have to compete for work with those in countries who have much lower living costs but same education or skills. This means areas of employment that can be readily outsourced which would include anything to do with the software side of computers which basically means if they don’t need to drive over to your house to do the work , it can be outsourced at wages that probably are not going to sound attractive, especially when you may be saying that you were making more than that at your old job before you got your degree.

This is not exclusive to the big corporations either. As an example this writer recently had an idea that needed someone of much higher knowledge to make it come to life. After asking a few very smart friends and co-workers if they could do it or where to get the kind of help needed it was unanimously recommended to try one of the bigger free lance for hire sites which resulted in my getting a very competently completed project for a price much less than expected from someone located in India. Who wouldn’t use that service once aware they could get much more talented people at a much lower prices?

Keep in mind nobody could be found in the states who thought they could do it, so price was really never allowed to be an issue. However it is a safe assumption that it would have cost considerably more because the people asked were expected to be much more expensive than was finally paid, so considering someone with a higher level of skill than them was needed it is without doubt if someone in the states could have done it; the cost would have been more.

Many smaller companies will soon be forced to follow their larger version’s footsteps if they want to stay in competition so don’t think the biggest part of the outsourcing has been endured. The worst might not yet have come.

Careers in the areas of health care, teaching, accounting (due to local tax laws this will be an in-country career) and of course most anything to do with law enforcement or legal matters will stay solvent because you can’t outsource that kind of work. Most any job that requires a special type of skill that must be done in person, will be a safe bet for future employment. What kind of wages those jobs will pay is also a fairly safe risk to stay same or similar to what they are now in respect to the current economy.

It is unlikely you will ever be rich but also unlikely you will ever be extremely poor if you choose a career that requires your personal input in either a physical manner or knowledge of localized information such as legal or tax matters.

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