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College Admissions – Why Students Need a Good College Admissions Strategy

Getting into college these days is more than just “fill out the application” and wait for word from the college. Years ago, that may have been the case, but it isn’t any longer. More students are going to college than ever before and that means more competition. AND, those same students are more active than ever before — great grades, lots of activities and community service are normal and expected.

That’s often the most difficult part for parents to understand. Just because your child has great grades and good SAT scores, doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is Ivy League material or a shoo-in at every college. So, when strong grades, solid SAT scores and tons of activities are the norm, your problem still remains: how to stand out from the crowd.

The solution is to have a compelling message to deliver to the schools and a plan to communicate it consistently to the right people. It’s going to help you stand apart from the rest of the crowd! And, the key to a good college admissions strategy is your message.

College admissions folks love anything that can help them identify your strengths and communicate them quickly and easily. Your message should make you more “memorable” to the college admissions representative who reads your application. If you have really zeroed in on the right message, it will likely be supported by others — such as your teachers who will be writing your recommendations!

Done well, your message and the strategy you use to deliver it can be powerful tools to get you noticed and in at a particular college, as it did for one of my students, Anita.

Anita’s dad asked me to work with his daughter because she wanted to get in to a highly selective school that had a top-notch reputation in the medical sciences. Exactly the kind of place that fit in with her career goals of following in her physician-father’s footsteps. Anita was a strong candidate for for the school, but she and her dad didn’t want to leave anything to chance.

Anita and I worked together to develop her message to the schools so she would stand out as much as possible from the thousands of others in the admissions office. Together, we developed her strategy to reinforce her two unique qualities — her love of and desire to study math and science plus her extraordinary accomplishments in classical Indian dance.

Her message boiled down to how she was equally at home on the stage and in front of a Bunsen burner. It was concise and, most of all, it was memorable.

She was able to incorporate this message into every part of the college admissions process — as part of her main essay; she was able to integrate it into her interviews. The clarity and consistency of her message made a great impression, as evidenced by comments made by the admissions officer after she was accepted!

Having a comprehensive plan and a strong admissions strategy kept Anita in control of the admissions process rather than letting the admissions process control her. Isn’t that more appealing than “throwing together your applications’ and “hoping for the best”? So, get started taking control…

Your Get NOTICED, Get IN, Get MONEY Assignment:

1. Create your message.

2. Identify who you will communicate your message to.

3. Start communicating that message — consistency is the key!

Jeanmarie Keller, is a college admissions and financial aid expert and creator of the Get NOTICED, Get IN, Get MONEY System, the proven step-by- step program that shows you exactly how to get NOTICED in the college admissions office, get IN at the colleges right for you, and get MONEY to help pay the college bill. To claim your F.R.E.E. audio CD: “Finding Cash For College” and receive weekly admissions and financial aid tips and strategies, go to http://www.JeanKeller.com

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College Photos – A Good Way To Choose The Right College!

Today, the choices for getting higher education are countless. Even in your place, there may be quite a lot of colleges or educational institutions. But, choosing the right college after passing out from high school is a big decision for every student. Not only student, their parents also face completely different sort of challenges while choosing the right college for studying further. If you and your parents are in such a situation, you will find a number of well known web portals that will offer all kinds of information in many forms such as college photos, college ratings, reviews, and much more.

A college holds a vital place in every students academic life. Therefore it becomes very significant to make a wise selection as this decision of yours is likely to have a lifelong impact. When you talk about a college, you would naturally feel like getting an idea of the college through images. In this scenario, college pictures present you a very helpful way in making the right selection. After all, where words are unsuccessful to state details, a picture can let you know a tale more clearly. They in fact help you to getting the right feel of the college or institution that you are interested in applying to. And thats why today, maximum numbers of colleges add very attractive photos to their websites or include them into their college brochures. These photos typically include photos of every building that belongs to the college, campus, labs and classes, college hostels, college functions and sometimes, pictures of topper students.

Nowadays, the process of searching for a quality college has become much more simplified as well as easier. Rather than wasting their precious time in calling counselors, studying different college brochures or sitting at libraries for comparing different institutions, students favor to conduct an online search for the right college. Undoubtedly, countless college review networking sites will offer you right info about different colleges and educational institutions in the form college movies and pictures. Uploaded by insiders, these are quite reveling and motivating that give you a crystal clear picture of what you want to know.

I am The webmaster at www.unigo.com — For further information on college photos, college pictures, college internships, university reviews, best university and college guide visit http://www.unigo.com.

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How To Choose A Good Mba College

MBA or Master in Business Administration is very popular these days. According to the demand, there are a lot of MBA institute available too. Now its the time to choose a good MBA institute to make career in business administration. Here are some important check lists you need to check before choosing a MBA Institute.

As you know MBA is very popular and prestigious course, so there are a lot of MBA Institutes available these days. Every year new institutes being added to the competition with many attractive programs, facilities and offers. So its not that kind of easy for a student to choose a good MBA institute for his requirements. However following are some important tips which will help you to choose a good MBA Institute:

1.First choose a specific field in which you want to do MBA, there are various fields such as administration, media, hospitality, finance, IT, Human Resource etc find out the specific field of your interest before choosing a MBA Institute.
2.Find out the famous MBA Institutes available in NCR areas like Delhi, Noida etc. and make sure that its famous in your interested specific field of MBA.
3.Compare all the MBA Institutes you have selected like their facilities, programs, classes, faculties, campus placements, branches all over the country etc.
4.Review the admission procedures, reputation, international appearance, entrance exams like CAT or MAT Exams.
5.Take a look at the MBA Institute, like how old the institute is and experience, experts associated, certifications, projects etc.
6.Research over the internet about the MBA Institutes. Find out if they provide online admission, online learning option etc.
7.A good MBA Institute also provide options like evening classes, separate classes for working professionals, campus placement, distance learning facility, award or scholarships option for good students etc.

MBA is very prominent degree and there are various job facilities available for a MBA holder these days. Therefore, it is utmost important to choose a college where you get the right kind of knowledge. After completing the MBA Program, a student can get chance with various companies with various role like job in HR, Accounts, Finance, Business Development Manager etc. MBA degree provides you a better and bright career.

Know how MBA in marketing and MBA in finance could bring success in your life. There are many MBA institute Delhi offering such useful programs.

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A Degree from a Good Pastry College

If you want a great career as a chef or open your own food shop, you can decide upon working with confectionery and baked goods. Sweet dishes are always a favorite among gourmets and connoisseurs of good food. But before you open your shop or get a job in a good restaurant, you will need a qualifying degree from a good pastry college. Without formal education, it is impossible for you to understand the delicate art of baking, and the science involved behind this type of cooking. Pastry chefs are among the most  important members of a professional kitchen, especially if he or she is an expert in French baking.

The French are known for their great acumen for cooking, and Paris is considered the gourmet capital of the world. If anything, the French take food just as seriously as the Americans take to their cars passionately. Within this comparison, pastries and baked foods can be considered the Rolls Royce of food. This is why only the most talented chefs are chosen to work in this line. However, a single mistake in the dessert; and the entire meal’s delight goes to a waste! This is why a professional pastry chef will have to have a degree from a proper pastry college, preferably a French college.

The confectionery or dessert dish is eaten after the meal, and hence should be the most satisfyingly indulging part of the affair. This is why only chefs from the best pastry colleges are absorbed into renowned restaurants. But it is a difficult art to learn. Baking and cooking confectionery is not only about knowing techniques and the science of mixology, it is also about having a fine aesthetic sense of design and looks.

When you walk into a confectioners’ shop or look at a pictorial menu card at a restaurant, most people choose their desert by looks. While the you choose main course by what it consists of and how it is cooked, and the drink by vintage; the dessert is usually about what it looks like. You see a great looking dish arrive at the next table, you’ll feel like taking a bite. You see the picture of an exotic looking cake or pastry – you need to taste it by hook or by crook. If you don’t, you’ll possibly feel a strange void in your soul. But to learn to make such great confectionery, you will need to go to a pastry college.

Do you want to be a professional pastry chef? Get yourself a degree from a proper pastry college like The French Pastry School in Chicago, IL – one of the best institutes of its kind.

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Top Six Good Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree

High-school leavers often think that it is very difficult for them to find a good job with high salary if they cannot reach a four-year degree from one university or college. Actually, the young are able to earn living with many jobs that don’t require a degree like firefighter, appliance repairman, plumber, electrician, occupational therapy assistant, truck driver and mechanic.


Occupational therapy assistant

Though occupational therapy assistants don’t need to get a four-year degree, they must complete a certificate program or specific training course. Their major mission is to offer customers rehabilitative service with mental, physical, emotional or developmental infirmities under the supervision of occupational therapists.

Starting salary of this job: $ 30,000 – $ 38,000/ per year



Having a high-school diploma, ability to perform strength-draining exertions under intense pressure and a little relevant experience, you can become a firefighter, who saves lives and property of many people. The job plays an important role in our society.

Starting salary of this job: $ 32,165 – $ 53,608/ per year


Appliance repairman

Working as an appliance repairman doesn’t require specific education prerequisites but you need to be patient, hardworking and creative. The appliance repair is much like automotive repair.

Starting salary of this job: $ 37,345 – $ 56,285/ per year (Varies widely)


Plumber and Electrician

Like firefighter and appliance repairman, people can work as plumbers or electricians without earning a four-year degree. However, the job of an electrician requires governmental registration or license because it relates to safety reasons.

Starting salary of these job: $ 35,575 – $ 48,833/ per year


Truck driver

Most truck drivers have at least their high-school degrees before they begin to drive truck. They transport finished goods and raw materials over lands, typically to and from manufacturing plants, retail and distribution centers.

Starting salary of this job: $ 42,000 – $ 52,000/ per year



If you cannot reach a degree from one university or college, becoming a mechanic is a good choice, particularly when you are skillful and patient. You can also select a specific field such as auto mechanics, motorcycle mechanics and industrial maintenance mechanics.

Starting salary of this job: $ 30,584 – $ 40,564/ per year



Leland Mason is a premier job search Web site and career planning. He has been around the business world for many years and has a good understanding about generating an income.

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