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Thinking of Building Solar Panels? You Don’t Need a PhD

You may be thinking of building solar panels to create power for your home, your yacht/boat or maybe your RV. You may also be thinking that for this to happen you are going to have to get a degree in Electrical Engineering. Hopefully you will be glad to know that anyone with the simplest grasp of DIY should be able to build a solar panel, without spending a fortune on materials, equipment and the added expense of getting someone to install them for you.

If you really want to build your panels, the best starting place would be to learn all you can before your start spending your hard earned money. There are plenty of manuals that will take you through the whole process of building a solar panel, these should include detailed photographs and diagrams of what exactly you need to do, and the best ones will include videos. Working your way through the manual will save you time in the end and give you a better chance in succeeding. Many of the products today will include a “shopping list” of exactly what you need to buy and where the best places to get the materials you need. You should be able to find many of the materials you need in your local hardware store, an if not the internet would be the next best place.

What you will be learning is how to how to connect up solar cells to create solar panels, and then how to connect these solar panels together. Your first attempt shouldn’t be to create a system that will power your house, start off small. In a day you should be able to build your first panels that would give you enough power for a couple of small appliances. Once you have gained the knowledge and experience of building that first panel, you can start to build more panels, connect them together and power more appliances. In the end you may be able to power your entire home and saving money.

Another important piece of knowledge, is how to store your electricity. It’s no good to create electricity during the day, but then not having enough stored to power your appliances in the evening. Any decent manual will tell you how to build and create a system made from batteries to store the electricity you have created, during low periods.

Learning to build your own solar panels, will save you money, but only if you have spent the time learning exactly what you need to do from beginning to end, so you don’t end up wasting more of your money than you need to. By also taking the time to learn and build your panels, in the event of any problems you will be the best qualified person to fix it.

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Don’t You Think Your College Days Were Best?

College photos will definitely bring back some memories of your college days. Most of them don’t mean only just photos to you anymore. Over the years they have actually become a part and parcel of your life. On most occasions when you look at them you are taken back to your good old days that you had spent in the college campus. It is on such occasions that you find it difficult to stop thinking about past.

Most first-timers to college are found to be full of enthusiasm and a positive feel. Therefore, it’s not surprising to notice some amazing kind of dreams these first-time college goers have. You can easily spot many who yearn to chase dream of becoming an engineer, doctor, scientist, computer wizard, historian, and the list goes on. The ‘odd men out'(s) are the ones who are at college for the heck of it. Irrespective of what real intensions are, memories associated with these photos simply just can’t be replaced with anything else in this world.

It is a normal phenomenon these days to have a girl friend or boy friend in college life, depending upon which gender one belongs to. Under these situations, when you see one such college pictures you are sure to miss your Ex college lass and numerous types of entertainment, fun and frolic you had with your Ex. For instance, one of these pictures might show you hugging your old flame that may eventually flash some emotional incidents back into your memory. Also, there might be one picture that is sure to take you back to your convocation days. When you see it, you may feel as if your favorite professor is standing beside you. It is universally accepted, pictures will tell you a certain story which is difficult to narrate in black and white.

During your college days, you must have gone for college movies on a blind date with a bombshell of your class. You didn’t want to miss a single occasion that gives you a chance to indulge into some romance with her. That is the reason why you had settled for this movie. “Can someone get back my wonderful college life?” – is what most people scream after seeing such a movie.

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Sports Management Degree Online – Get Paid Even When You Don’t Play

If you are interested in anything that concerns sports like fitness management, sports coaching and sports studies among others, then a sports management degree online program is just what you need. There are actually various programs and courses you can take within this field of study. This includes sports science, athlete management, sports revenue management, sports medicine and more.

These days, you can develop your love for sports into a promising career. We used to look up to professional athletes and think that they are the only ones who can turn their passion for sports into high paying careers. This is no longer the case.

Sports is a multi billion dollar industry that features a wide range of behind-the-scenes-jobs that are necessary to make the industry function. Consequently, there are myriad opportunities in marketing, management, supervisory positions, coaching, athletic management, public relation, advertising etc.

Sports management is one of the most exciting careers because it requires individuals who is both familiar with the physical and business side of sports. What a sports manager does is crucial to the success of a team. To excel in this career, you need to have marketing and business aptitude; be willing to work long hours and have the ability to negotiate and communicate well and have a love for the game you represent.

Competition for most positions in this field is intense. However, if you are armed with an accredited sports management degree online and are a go-getter, you possess what it takes to reach the top.

Similar to programs offered at traditional colleges, online sports management degree programs are also offered from bachelor’s and master’s levels to doctoral level. If you have a background in marketing, law or business, this degree program is right up your alley.

The curriculum includes courses in athletic management, business management, marketing and accounting. These are the type of courses that will give you the foundation to succeed in this field.

The job opportunities and salaries available in this field vary according to depending in your area of sports management. Public relations specialists earn an average of about $ 50,000+ a year and college level sports administrators earn an average of $ 76,000+ per year.

Next, find out where you can get a top sports management degree online. Visit:

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Don’t Count Them Out – Entry Level Jobs Lead to Big Opportunities

Even though there are many people out there who seem to think that entry level jobs are below them, there are many people who have found higher paying positions through starting with these. Even college graduates are sometimes forced into taking the same jobs that others without a degree are taking as well. While this may be a little upsetting at first when it is thought about, you have to remember that it is nothing more than a stepping-stone. An entry level position is nothing more than a foot in the door or a way to gain “entry” into the company.

Some CEO’s and Presidents of companies found their way at the top years after starting in some entry level jobs. No matter what, if you find yourself in these types of jobs you will be able to work your way up given you have the credentials and mentality to do it. Also, it is good to think of these types of positions that will give you a chance to really know the company from the ground floor up. This will come in handy should you promote as you will be able to relate to your employees better and you will make much wiser decisions for the company as a whole.

So while some consider these jobs as a setback, others have found that they were the starting point of a truly successful and profitable career. And if you truly are a professional, you will find yourself treating every job or position you have as if it were the most important job in the company. This is the kind of dedication and attitude that gets a person promoted through the ranks. Eventually you will find yourself moving on to bigger and better things and the jobs you started with will be nothing more than a fond memory.

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You Don’t Need an Engineering Degree to Create the Next Revolutionary Innovation

Many innovative and inventor type individuals will go out and get an engineering degree thinking that it is a necessity to come up with the most brilliant inventions. However, that is not exactly true, you see, often too much schooling can prevent creative thought.

Most of the revolutionary inventions and innovations of our time were not created by engineers. These inventions were created by entrepreneurial innovators that were trying to solve a problem and come up with a product or service which solved the needs and desires of potential future buyers.

Those innovators then went to engineers to get help in building such apparatuses. And those same engineers normally told them it wouldn’t work, or it wouldn’t fly. Undeterred these innovators, or doers would continue the process, crashing several prototypes until they came up with something that worked.

Now, this is not to say that engineering is not important, because it absolutely is and if you will consider that even the Wright brothers were bicycle mechanics, and somewhat engineers in their own right. Still, I can tell you that before my retirement, as an entrepreneur, we innovated and invented many new revolutionary concepts to our industry, and none of us had engineering degrees.

However, we knew what we wanted to make, what we wanted to do, and we knew, which questions to ask the engineers that helped us design it. Many of the top engineering schools in the country have been very wise in teaching creativity and innovation along side of engineering. This is the proper way to do it.

Believe me when I tell you that NASA could have never land astronauts on the moon without the creative geniuses, and innovative thinkers amongst their ranks of engineers. While an engineering degree can help you produce a revolutionary product, it is the creative genius mind that must first come up with the innovation.

You don’t need an engineering degree to do that, and yes, it can help, but you can also hire an engineer, or an engineering firm to assist you once your creative concept is cemented in your mind. Please consider this and fly your dreams.

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The Problem with NYC High-School Admissions? It's not Just the Test
Lulu Zhou, whose family started A+, says it provides "supplemental education," not test prep. But such schools are … "I don't know how parents are able to navigate all of it, particularly if you are an immigrant or a single parent or work multiple …
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8, 2016) — A new partnership between the University of Kentucky Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES) in the College of Arts and Sciences, UK College of Education and STEAM Academy will prepare a diverse population of high school …
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To Solve the Skills Gap in Hiring, Create Expectations in the Classroom
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The Hottest Predicted Fields Of 2016 List Is The Best Resource For Career Changers
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To build a better teacher, Harvard launches program aimed at quality
James E. Ryan, dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, said the university has three goals: improve the quality of classroom teachers in urban schools, create a model that can be copied elsewhere, and present teaching as a viable career to …
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Industry and educators combining to address local skills mismatch
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Software Developers' Growing Elitism Problem
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MIX connects local industries with local teachers
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