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Community Colleges – An Affordable Alternative To Traditional 4 Year Colleges

As the costs of traditional four year universities continue to rise, many young adults are turning towards community colleges as on option. This article discusses why community colleges more than ever have become such an attractive alternative to anyone looking for an inexpensive college education.

Community colleges have always been attractive to adults looking to continue their education, low-income students and those with lower grades.

Costs of Traditional Colleges Continue to Rise

For generations, it’s been a parents dream to one day see their child graduate from college. If you were to take a survey today, you would see that the dream is still alive. Unfortunately, that dream is slowly dying as a result of increasing tuition costs at our nations 4 year college institutions. It simply has become far to expensive for parents to pay for their child’s education.

Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones and you started putting money aside to pay for your child’s education when they were very young. Only to find out that the rising costs of college have far out-paced the money that you saved. Now it is time to send them away to school and the only way you can afford to do so is to raid your retirement fund or take out a loan to make up the difference.

Parents, now more than ever, are suggesting that their children spend the first two years at a 2 year college and then transfer to a traditional four year college/university to finish out their college careers and graduate.

Community colleges are perfect for people with cost concerns because the tuition is far lower and often the student can continue to live at home eliminating the added cost of room and board that comes with being away at a traditional four year colleges.

Other Benefits of Community Colleges

Community colleges can also be the right choice for a student who isn’t sure they even want to attend college or what major they would like to pursue. A community college is the perfect bridge between high school and traditional universities. In addition, a college student going to school locally at a community college, rarely has to deal with the distraction and drama of life on a college campus, thus allowing them to focus entirely on their academics.

Another fantastic reason to consider community colleges, is that they often offer specialized degrees or programs that can be completed in two years or less. Should you decide to forgo the remaining two years of college and enter the work force, you can use your Associate degree or the training you received the past two years to find a job and start making some money.

Some of the degree programs offered at local community colleges are in computer technology, automotive technology and the medical field. These training programs can provide students with valuable training leading to outstanding entry-level career opportunities to make a comfortable living.

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Clep – Common Sense Alternative To College Classes Due To Time And Money Savings

There is no denying that college is expensive, and every year the cost of tuition goes up. To make matters worse, many students end up taking five or even six years to complete an undergraduate degree because there are just too many credits to get through. Often CLEP can be the solution to this problem.

CLEP exams are given by the CollegeBoard and designed to determine a persons level of knowledge on a given subject. For example, the CLEP test on introductory biology would test to see if the taker already has the knowledge that would be taken in an introductory biology course. When a student passes a CLEP test, he or she is rewarded with college credit, anywhere from 3 to 12 credits, in relation to that topic.

It is easy to see how CLEP exams could be beneficial to today’s students. Instead of paying thousands of dollars in tuition and hundreds of dollars in books, the student pays for a single, $ 72 CLEP exams, proves that he or she already possesses the knowledge that would be taught in a class, and earns the credit. Each passed CLEP exam can save a student hundreds of dollars. In the current economy, that can make the difference between completing college and dropping out or between beginning your career in confident freedom or beneath a mountain of student loans.

CLEP not only saves money, however, it saves time as well. Many schools suggest students study three hours for every one hour of class. If the class meets twice a week, over the course of a semester this comes to about 90 hours of study time, not counting the time spent actually attending class. In contrast CLEP exams take 90 minutes to complete. You can save yourself nearly a hundred hours of work with every CLEP exam you take. That amount can quickly add up, giving you the time for a job, internship, or second major without straining your schedule.

CLEP covers a wide range of topics for students about to enter college. The college board offers 34 different CLEP tests, representing over a hundred potential credit hours. The time spent studying for CLEP could save you a semester or more of time in college.

CLEP can also give students a chance to pursue their interests rather than sitting through boring courses that won’t be able to teach them anything new. The standard university offers an incredible array of courses for the students to take advantage of. Even if it is not furthering to their career or major, students who have made use of CLEP can gain knowledge that they would find no where else in their elective courses. Testing knowledge with CLEP gives students a greater chance to explore their areas of interest and really hone what they want their future career to be. Furthermore, training in martial arts, music, art, and any number of other topics, which could cost thousands of dollars with a private tutor, can be had at university prices for students who have earned their free time with CLEP.

CLEP gives a unique opportunity to students, and everyone should take advantage of this opportunity to the best of their abilities.

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Oriental Medicine College to Advance The Science of Alternative Medicines

Also referred to as the Traditional Chinese medicine, the oriental medicine has proved to be highly beneficial for the treatment of various kinds of diseases. The oriental medicine comes into existence over 2500 years back and since then the therapy has been serving the human folk to keep them healthy and fit. The ever increasing popularity of oriental medicine has encouraged educationalists, entrepreneurs as well as governments to open oriental medicine schools in order to advance the science of alternative medicine. So, if you want to make your career in oriental medicine and have requisite qualifications, then enrol yourself in reputed and recognized oriental medicine college to get learned and later on serve your society.

There is no denying the fact that oriental medicine is the science of healing process that follows the principles of nature while treating maladies. As a result, the oriental medicine college provides knowledge about how the body system remains interconnected and works as a whole. At the same time, the college offers training on various modules on the oriental medicine so that outgoing students can able to treat patients scientifically as well as spiritually. The course program in the oriental medicine composes of diploma, graduation and post graduation degrees, which are later followed by Ph.D. program. The Ph.D. program gives research fellows the leverage to do research on oriental medicine and discover many modules to treat diseases in a better and improved manner.

There are many oriental medicine colleges that have got government affiliation to advance the science of alternative medicine and how it helps in improving the healing power of the body. A well-known fact is Oriental medicine comprises of several healthcare therapies and out of many acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are considered as the two most sought after therapies. As a result, most oriental medicine colleges offer courses in Acupuncture to enable students acquire comprehensive knowledge on the subject. So, make up your mind that which course you want to study and accordingly take admission in Oriental medicine college. For finding information about reputed colleges in India, take the help of internet.

Doctor of Oriental Medicine School or Oriental Medicine College offers various professional acupuncture program in fields of alternative medicine. The natural medicine school are include studies in naturopathy, herbal studies, natural health and aromatherapy.

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Student website offers an alternative to college

will not Uni(NGTU), a website aimed at students who are showing able to ensure the position of the universities, there are other options, is to update its survival guide.
It is estimated that between 170,000 to 200,000 students have college applications rejected this year. Now, faced with a decision about their future after receiving results of the A-Level, free NGTU Results Day Survival Guide shows that there are excellent alternatives.
They are training and distance learning courses, as well as taking gap year and how to start a company , each of which may for many people, leading to a better career choice or to give them extra experience, if you want to to college next year.
However, realizing that it does not achieve the required results or on anticipated rejected the request may be deeply disturbing for young people, page also offers sage advice. This includes not panic, take a deep breath, because you have the time to consider what you really want to do it and not succumbing to the first decision. And most importantly, thank you for your achievements.
Sarah Clover, the NGTU, said her experience will not be a university taught her a lot: There will be uni is certainly not the end of the world, and a lot of people later, it appears that the best thing that ever happened to them.
I thoroughly recommend that young people explore all options before taking any decisions because there are many ways to achieve your career goals.
will not Uni(NGTU) was set last year Tom Mursell, a former A-Level student. After I decided not to to go to college for personal reasons, he discovered that the lack of guidance and guidelines meant difficult for him to make an informed choice as to to do next.
The current guide, developed in cooperation with the Dragons Den Peter Jones, includes case studies and data on vocational training, including apprenticeship, studies funded by the employer, through distance learning Home Learning College , establishment and gap year options, plus useful tips Results of Day to reach you.
NGTU also that it does not go to college, does not preclude making money decent wage, and people can earn close to or even above those of the diploma. Latest Statistics show that college graduates can expect to earn 100 thousand zł more in the of life than those who leave education just their A-Levels.
But a recent report conducted by Steven McIntosh, University of Sheffield , showed that the net present value benefits over costs for those who have completed an apprenticeship is estimated to be on about £ 105,000 at 3 and around £ 73,000 at level 2
NGTU said it shows that there are significant increases in earnings for those who take the vocational route. And remember, the rich entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson did not go to university.

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A Righteous College Alternative

As summer winds down and beach chairs become replaced with school desks, most high school seniors have college on the brain.  And, let’s face it; there’s a lot to think about.  Picking a college is one of the first steps to becoming an adult.  If you have a major in mind, you want to look at schools that have that program, obviously.  If you like to ski or snowboard, you might look at schools near the mountains. If you like the beach, you might look at schools in the south.  Maybe you want to go far away. Maybe you want to stay close to home.  This can be a lot for anyone to consider.  And, some people take it one step further.  For some people, religion also plays a primary role in their college decision.

Religion is an important part of many people’s lives.  And, some Christians find comfort in knowing that when they go off to college they’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals.  Being around people who share the same beliefs and lifestyles can eliminate a lot of stress.  Fitting in at college is, in fact, a big deal.  Part of a higher education includes social interaction.  With a Christian college, students know what they’re getting into.  They know the people they’ll be around.

In addition to like-minded individuals, a Christian college presents a number of other benefits.  For one, they’re typically smaller than most state schools.  Naturally, the smaller student population enhances the relationship between students, teachers, and the administration.  Devote followers of Christianity, also, have the innate desire to watch out for one another.  The small-school setting allows this to be possible, and students are encouraged to succeed and remain strong in their faith.  Lastly, it should be noted that it’s not just the students who are devote Christians; the faculty is too.  They believe by teachings and shaping young minds they’re doing God’s work.  This ensures that teachers of Christian and bible colleges genuinely care about educating their students.

Of course, Christian colleges are not for everyone—just like any other college might not be right for everyone.  But, for some, a Christian college provides comfort and the opportunity at an enriching high education.  After all, that is the point of college, right? To receive the best form of higher education that suits you.

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