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Earn A Degree From Hospitality Universities

Too many Americans are unhappy with their careers today and most fail to do anything to improve their situation. It’s easy to see why they aren’t satisfied – sitting at a desk for eight hours a day isn’t all that appealing. But there are plenty of career options out there that may lead to a more exciting day. Interested? A career in the hospitality industry might be just right for you. The training offered throughhospitality universities can help you find a rewarding career in an exciting location. And for some, earning an advanced degree from one of the many hospitality universities will qualify you for a position in management.

Hospitality is defined as “the relationship between guest and host, or the act or practice of being hospitable. Specifically, this includes the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers, resorts, membership clubs, conventions, attractions, special events, and other services for travelers and tourists.”

While that may seem like quite a long list, to put it simply, the hospitality industry encompasses outlets that consumers use for their own personal enjoyment and entertainment. Dining out at a restaurant, staying overnight at a hotel, or even enjoying the atmosphere of a casino are all parts of the hospitality industry. A career in one of these locations can be just as exciting as visiting them at your leisure. And a degree from hospitality universities can help you get there.

The programs at hospitality universities often incorporate a mix of classroom instruction with practical work experience, like an internship. Because lower-level positions don’t often require a formal education, students who enroll in degree programs are often trained to work in management positions. In addition to learning the basics like customer service or food preparation, students will also learn skills applicable to management, like employee relations, problem solving and inventory management.

Whether you are currently working in an unrelated field or you work in a lower-level hospitality position, earning a degree from any one of the great hospitality universities can help you enter a new field or advance your career. The combination of customer relations and business management that you will learn can help to properly prepare you for a rewarding career in one of the industry’s top positions. Enrolling in any of thesehospitality universitiesand pursuing a degree can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your future.

Emily writes about Online Education for – a resource site for those interested in earning a degree online.

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Can a Bachelor Degree in Psychology Lead to Occupational Therapy Jobs?

College students who have an idea of what they would like to do someday often know exactly what major to choose. However, some struggle because they do not know what career path they want when they enter school. Guidance counselors will often direct them to a “neutral” major that can lead to any different careers. One of these is psychology.
If you have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, could you purse a career in occupational therapy? The answer is yes, but you will need further training and certification.
What Is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is a line of work wherein a therapist helps patients with their everyday tasks. These patients suffer from a disabling condition, such as a developmental delay, physical disability, mental handicap, or emotional problem. This can be something the patient is born with, such as mental retardation, or it could be a result of an accident or the natural aging process.
Occupational therapists help patients develop or improve motor skills and reasoning abilities. If some of these functions are lost, the therapist will work with the patient to compensate for this. The end goal is for the patient to be able to live a productive and satisfying life as independently as the disability allows.
Because occupational therapists are working with emotionally or developmentally disabled individuals, a degree in psychology can help. The therapist needs to be able to help the patient deal with his or her emotions, learn cognitive skills, and create helps that will make functioning in the day-to-day world more possible. Psychological training helps with all of these tasks.
Educational Requirements for Occupational Therapists
Occupational therapy is a highly specialized field, and as such therapists must have at least a master’s degree in the field. The degree must come from an accredited school, and the program must include at least six months of fieldwork under a supervisor.
Students who are interested in this line of work often wonder what undergraduate program to pursue. In high school they should take as many advanced courses as possible, although math is not especially important. Undergraduate degrees can be in fields like biology, sociology, anthropology, general liberal arts, and, of course, psychology. Psychology as a bachelor’s degree program provides an excellent base for further study in occupational therapy.
Part of the reason that a degree in psychology works so well is the fact that occupational therapists must understand how to work with people. Psychology training provides a good foundation for this. They also must be able to read their patients, even when their patients are not clearly vocalizing their needs or wants. They need to be able to see how different tasks are affecting their patients emotionally and psychologically, and a degree in psychology makes this much easier to do.
Licensure Requirements
All states require occupational therapists to receive a license. The requirements for licensure are completion of a master’s program from an accredited school and the successful completion of the national certification exam. Again, a degree in psychology works well into these requirements. All in all, of the undergraduate degrees that work for this career path, a degree in psychology seems to be one of the best fits.

Obtain your certification and become a member of a healthcare staffing agency. Occupational therapy jobs are waiting for you.

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Complete College Degree on a Frugal Budget!

There are a number of colleges in the US that allow students to obtain their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees for a very affordable cost. Apart from being extremely affordable, the colleges are also very flexible and allow students to complete their degree as per their own schedules and timeline. This is something that makes it ideal for those holding full-time jobs or full-time family responsibilities. It is also a good low-cost alternative, to a traditional college, for those who have finished high school and are looking for a way to complete a college degree affordably.

I can personally vouch for these colleges since I too had completed my Bachelor’s degree from Excelsior college in Computer Information Systems, in 1999. At that time, Excelsior college was part of the University of the State of New York. Excelsior college is the most popular of these flexible colleges and is the largest such college in the United States.

For clarity, I will call these colleges as ‘flexible colleges’ since they offer a level of flexibility and convenience for students which I’ve not seen anywhere else.

Here are some additional benefits of these flexible colleges:
They allow unlimited credits transfer for prior learning completed at other accredited institutions.
They offer the lowest cost for completing a college degree in comparison to traditional colleges offering 4yr Bachelors or Masters degrees.
They assign college credits for passing standardized exams such as CLEP, DSST and many more.
They also offer credits for work experience, on-the-job training or other training which can be properly substantiated via a Portfolio Assessment (PA) or a Prior Learning Assessment.
Additionally, these colleges allow students to take any courses, exams or training as long as it is within the degree requirements at the flexible college.
They allow students to complete their degree on their own schedule, with rolling enrollment throughout the year.
More importantly, these colleges value knowledge and learning and offer credits for learning, irrespective of whether the learning was acquired within or outside the classroom.

The colleges also allow foreign students or those who have completed some studies abroad to transfer the credits to the flexible college in the US. A foreign credentials evaluation is generally performed by an agency such as the ECE (Educational Credentials Evaluators) to determine the US credit equivalents for all courses or exams completed abroad.

For the Bachelor’s degree, the primary eligibility is a high school diploma and a small number of college credits that have already been earned. It is best to check with the college as to the number of credits they require before enrolling the student into their degree program. This can be as small as less than 10 credits, but it’s best to check with the college individually.

Apart from having completed my Bachelor’s degree at a frugal/ flexible college, I’ve also done years of research and have found just over a handful of such highly flexible colleges all across the US. These include Excelsior college, Thomas Edison State college, Charter Oak State college and many more.

I sincerely wish this article and my website are helpful to you or someone you know in obtaining a reputed college degree! To Your College and Career Success!!

For more information on the flexible colleges, please check out on my website. I’ve provided a lot of information, all absolutely free of cost and will be regularly updating it with more and more articles. If you have any questions unanswered upon reading through my website, please comment on the relevant articles or ask your question on the “Ask a Question” section.

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Think Long-term And Get A College Degree

People have different outlook and goals in life, and depending on this outlook that you have, is your opinion of how important college education or education as a whole is. So maybe you are Paris Hilton and you are a heiress to a multi-million dollar company and what you will probably inherit is enough to finance your shopping sprees and clubbing every night and day. And so, it makes you think that if the purpose of getting a degree is to get and earn money, then why do you have to through the grueling days of college when you already have millions at your disposal, right?

But maybe, you are not like her and you are like her sister Nicky Hilton (or Ivanka Trump, depending which you prefer more). She too is an heiress to a multi-million dollar company but she believes that college education is more vital than ever because she will inherit a big company and it takes someone who is well-educated in running a company to successfully keep the company running. She is not short-sighted in her goals and aspirations, but rather, she thinks of the long-term conditions.

But you are probably not an heir or heiress to a multi-million dollar company. Most probably you are just one of the youngsters from a middle class family earning just enough to keep a roof over your heads and food in your table. And now, you are thinking, is it really that important to have a college degree?

I will tell you now, that no matter what your standing in life is, a college degree is vital and you must have it in order for you to have better chances at getting a good-paying job that is stable and legal. Yes, you might be having difficulties financially, but this should not be a reason for you to dismiss the idea of getting a college degree at all. There are lots of grants and scholarships available out there that you can apply for. This alone should motivate you. You should tell yourself that: yes, I can get my college degree; I just have to work hard.

Life is a long journey to take, that I can tell you. And for you to have a good chance of having a decent, if not a comfortable life while in that journey, then you should go get a college degree. Just imagine yourself in a room full of other people looking for jobs. And let us say fifty percent of the people there have college degrees, do you think that you will be able to get the job and beat the other people with college degrees? I will tell you, most probably, the job you will get is waiting at a restaurant in the day and find another part-time job just to make ends meet. Maybe when you are still single, this can be enough for you. What about when you decide to start a family? Will this still be enough?

Like I said, think of long-term goals and visions. For me, it is better that you undergo a hard time while in college and after that, be more comfortable and find a better paying job. Then maybe you can start saving for your future plans after that. See what I mean?

This article was written by Donna Anderson who is a passionate writer and author. You may view more of his articles on this subject by going to his website located at Grants for Adults. Donna Anderson also writes about many other subjects and is a published writer with almost a dozen websites.

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Choose The Right Career Jobs

Job are the every where. It is not just question of getting a job. Getting interviews are no good if jobs are time wasters. The real issue is getting the right job i.e. the job that fits you. So, once you find out the job opening which exist in the segment of jobs you are looking for, next thing you must do is make sure this is the right job opening for you. In order to find out if it is right for you, you need to do a little research. You have to find out information about the particular organization and the position, which you want to apply for. It is easy and it is essential.

When you want to invest your money in stock, you do a lot of research finding out the prospects of future growth of the organization and the potential problem being faced by it. What you are going to do in a job is that you are going to invest your time. When you do so much research before investing your time as time cannot be bought back. Moreover, your efforts result in other benefits also, which are mentioned below.

Benefits of Researching Jobs in Organization

If you do a little research on the organization and the position you wish to apply for you will not only be able to flatter the interview by showing that you are proactive and persistent but you will also be able to:

Decide which job is the right job for you. And if it is not, you save time and money by not applying for the same.
Focus your skills according to the needs of the organization.
Target your resume and cover letter for the job. Not just information about jobs youve held in the past but also information to select the most relevant accomplishments, skills and experience for the job in question.
Give impressive answers to question like What do you know about our organization? or why do you want to work for this organization?
Ask intelligent question to the interviewer about the status of the company and the issues being currently faced by it.
Get an advantage over your co-applicants who are not performing such a research.

Information ro Collect While Researching An Organisation

The following is an outline about the information you should fish out in your research about the organization:

When was the organization established and who was responsible for starting it?
Who are the people at the helm of affairs occupying the senior positions like CEO: Managing director, Chairman, Directors etc.
Are there women in the top positions?
Culture and Values of the Organisations

Getting the right jobs in india is not an easy task. You can search part time jobs and it jobs in india through Online Duniya.

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College Grants For Single Moms

For single moms to support their family, it is imperative that they have a good job. The only way to secure a high paying job is by having a college degree on your resume. College tuition in the US is costly and not everyone can afford it. To counter this, there are different government and non-profit organizations who give college grants for single moms to help these women get a college degree. In the following article we shall take a closer look at the info available on these grants.

Government Grants for Moms

There are a number of federal and state government college grants for single moms. Some of these grants give single moms the chance to pursue the education they desire, without worrying about the finance required. Here are some of the grants that single moms can apply for, to aid their education:

Pell Grant
The application and eligibility criteria for this grant for single moms is simple. Students can apply for this grant through the ‘Free Application for Federal Student Aid’ (FAFSA). This form requires some basic documents, like a social security number, driving license and untaxed income records. You can also apply for this via the Internet. The amount of grants for single mothers ranges from 400 USD to 5,000 USD. The deadline details for submitting your application are available at the local program office. It takes about 2 to 4 weeks for the approval procedure.

Obama College Grants for Moms
Over 12 billion USD in federal aid for college students is available under this grant. This program is also known as ‘Moms Return to Schools’. Under this program, you can get up to 10,000 USD for college tuition. You have to fill the FAFSA form to apply.

Teach Grants
This program gives grants to those who wish to pursue higher education and teach in public or private elementary/secondary schools that cater to low income family students. It offers 4,000 USD and you have to contact the financial aid office of the college you wish to attend. Fill the FAFSA form to apply. Some formalities that need to be done include signing a teach grant agreement and meeting certain academic requirements.

Smart Grant
The National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant (National Smart Grant) is available for the 3rd and 4th years of undergraduate study. This grant gives up to 4,000 USD for each of the third and fourth undergraduate years of study. You should at least have a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 GPA scale in your second year.

College Grants for Working Moms

There are many non-profit organizations which give grants to single moms. Some such organizations are:

Jeannette Rankin Foundation
JRF provides scholarships for single mothers from the low income group (low income according to the US Department of Labor’s Lower Living Standard) and to those who are 35 years or older (applicants should be US citizens pursuing technical, vocation, associates degree or first bachelors degree). Applications will be available on 1st November for the 2011 school year.

Raise The Nation
The eligibility criteria to apply for this grant is mostly based on the income limit of the applicant. They have set different income limits for different states. They also charge a one time USD 20 application processing fee.

The Women’s Independence Scholarship Program
This program also gives scholarships to single moms who have been abused by their partners, it is one of the criteria for eligibility. A US citizenship and application or acceptance of an accredited college course is a must. It was created in 1999 to help battered women gain college education and gainful employment.

School Grants for Stay Home Moms

At times, it can be difficult for single moms to travel to schools and colleges daily for their education. There are many colleges who have a provision which allows single moms to take lessons online. You need to check with the local community/ private college grant aid office for more details.

Here are some more useful resources that will aid single moms who are looking out for educational grants:
Government Grants for Single Mothers
Financial Help for Single Mothers
Single Mother Grants For School
Thus, as seen, college grants for single moms are given by many institutes and organizations. While, at times, the application process might seem lengthy and cumbersome, the reward for the perseverance and hard work is surely justified.

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Education Pays For College Graduates

Paying for college can be a costly proposition, so some students may question whether their schooling is really worth the cost of tuition in the long run. It isn’t surprising for students to wonder about the issue as they go about signing up for a student loan, searching for scholarships or applying for campus jobs to raise the money they need.

The simple answer to the question is that education really does pay. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has documented that more highly educated citizens tend to have higher earnings and lower unemployment rates than those who have less schooling.

In 2009, the median income for a person with less than a high school education was $ 454 a week, according to BLS reports. The weekly median earnings increased as educational level increased. For example, people with high school diplomas had a median income of $ 626. Those with bachelor degrees made $ 1,025 weekly and those with doctorates made $ 1,532.

The unemployment rate for Americans with less than a high school diploma was 14.6 percent in 2009. For high school graduates, the unemployment rate was only 9.7 percent. College graduates with a bachelor’s degree had an average 5.2 percent unemployment rate, and those with doctorate degrees had a 2.5 percent rate.

Over the last 25 years, the salaries of people with a higher education have been rising more rapidly than those who do not have a college degree, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In addition, those with college or professional degrees also could expect to earn more money over their lifetime than those without these degrees, the U.S. Census Bureau reports.

A college education also promises to grow in value in the future. The BLS Current Population Survey indicates that occupations that primarily hire college graduates are projected to gain new jobs more quickly than other employment fields. The survey estimated that “pure college” occupations would grow 22 percent between 2002 and 2012, compared to an average 15 percent for all jobs.

A variety of options are available to students to pay for college expenses, including scholarships and grants, private student loans, federal programs and work-study jobs. When students begin to examine ways to finance their education, they can feel confident that they are making a choice that should have a positive impact on their future in the work force. Once students have graduated, research clearly demonstrates that they should also have a greater chance of staying employed and earning more money in their lifetime than if they had not pursued a higher learning degree.

Author writes about a variety of topics about tips to help pay for college and helping students learn more about private student loans.

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Non Fiction Book Report

Book reports provide information about the structure and content of a particular book. It involves providing a summary about a book and giving objective thoughts about the book contents. Book reports also provide information about the structure of the book. This refers to the setting, plot, characters, ideas, themes and style used in the book. The aim of book reports writing is to provide adequate and objective information that will enable the reader to decide whether the book is worth reading or not. Book reports can be written for any book whether fiction or non fiction.

While writing book reports begin by introducing the book to the reader. Provide full bibliographic information about the book; name of the author, date of publication, title of the publication, place of publication and publisher. It will also add value to your book reports, if you include brief background information about the book or the author. This would contain details such as author’s previous writings, circumstances that prompted the author to write this book or any other credentials of the author. Then you should classify the kind of book being addressed by your book reports. Books are divided into two broad categories; fiction and non fiction.

Fiction books are books that represent ideas and phenomena that are creations of the author. On the other hand non fiction books represent facts that exist in reality. You should also classify the book in term of the subject area. This means indicating whether it is a philosophy book, biology, literature or anthropology among others. Regardless of the field, writing book reports will follow similar structure. The next step is to analyze and to provide the thesis statement of the book. Tell the readers what the book is all about and what it intends to achieve. Proceed to describe the structure of the book inside your book reports.

State the main points discussed therein and how they relate to the thesis statement. Describe the plot, setting, characters and themes represented in the book. Your book reports should also summarize the content of the book. Make sure that after one has read your book report, he or she will be able to get an idea of what the book is all about. The final step is to give critical evaluation and comments about the book. State your own views on whether the author of the book has achieved his purpose, what you think the book has contributed to the relevant field and whether the author has expressed his ideas in clear and easy to understand manner.

If you are having problems writing your book reports you can receive professional writing assistance from us. We are a writing company that has specialized in providing book reports writing services for sale. We have hired writers with good education backgrounds and years of practice in academic writing and therefore you can be sure that your book reports have been written by the most qualified writers when you order from us. In addition to this, you also receive original and plagiarism free book reports when you order writing services from our company. This is because all our papers are usually written from scratch enabling us to avoid plagiarism and to enhance originality. We also scan all our book reports using plagiarism detection software before we hand them over to the clients.

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How To Plan Your Job Career And Future During Your College Years

When you attend college, you have a career in planning. College enables you to do something with your life. College is where you get all the knowledge that you need to make something out of yourself and do something with your life. You will find that college is a great investment for the fact that you can do a lot more things afterwards. You will find that even though it is a lot of work, you are on a path to somewhere. You may not think that you have a career in planning, but college is the first step to going somewhere.

The second step to having a career is doing an internship. An internship, in college or out of college, is a great idea because you will be able to get hands on experience in the field. You will be able to get a clue on rather or not this is something that you would like to pursue. If it is something that you would like to do, you will find that you will be more prepared for your first real job in the career field that you have chosen. If you do not like interning then you can always rethink all of the things that you are capable of doing and that you are interested in during.

The third step to having a career in planning is to get comfortable with a company. You will find that if you really want a good career and a happy, stable life, you are going to have to do some time with a company. Your first company you may be with for a few years. Then you may end up getting a better offer or a more important job with someone else, however the time that you spent at the first job will be the reason why you are able to move up in the world.

The fourth step to having a career in planning is to think about the future. It can be years before you get to this step, but you will have to think about where you want to be in the future around retirement. When you get comfortable with a company and you make a commitment to one, you will find that you will then have a need to think about your retirement. This is where you may want to take up some of the benefits that your company offers to you. This could be stock or a retirement fund.

You will always have a career in planning because the demands of living will increase as you go further into your career. At the end of your career, you need to make enough money to last the rest of your life. If you retire at 65, you could have twenty or thirty years more to live, but you need to make sure that you will have enough money so that you can live comfortably. This is why you will always be planning your career options.

Visit Brian’s free website, and receive free college admissions help and learn how to get into your favorite college or university.

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How to Get the Job of College Term Papers Done (Part 1)

If you think college term papers writing is a tough nut to crack, you are right. College term papers require a lot of time, skills and hard work and that’s the reason why students run from their assignments. However it doesn’t mean that the college term papers are impossible to write, it’s just that they are difficult and all you need is a proper guideline and you are good to go. So here I present a foolproof guide to write college term papers. You should follow if you want to be successful in your term papers.

1. Mind making:

This is the very first step of college term papers writing. Yes I called it a step as you have to literally work on this thing in order to get yourself prepared for the actual writing process. So for this you need make yourself believe that you have to do this task in any possible manner as it is a requirement of your academic degree. You can only start the actual writing once you believe from your inside that you are ready to do it and you are going to make it no matter how much time and effort it will require.

1. Planning:

Now the time comes of planning. In the planning process you need to evaluate everything that you have around you in order to make all of it as comfortable as it requires to get nice college term papers writing. You should first evaluate the circumstances that will come in between you and your college term papers e.g. the deadline of the project, the material available, the place where you will be writing your paper. The place where a paper is written holds a great value to the students. If the place won’t be cozy and equipped with all the necessities, one can not work on his paper with all of his attention.

1. Deciding essay topic:

This is the element on which your entire college term papers stand upon. It’s the very topic of a term paper that leads a student to failure or the ultimate paths of success and appreciation. It’s a great advantage that in the courses that come after the high school, students get all the authority to choose their own choice of essay topics so it gives a great benefit to the students. If you chose the right kind of topic that would hit the bull’s eye of the readers mind, there would be nothing that will be able to stop you from getting the ultimate fame, esteem and good grades. There are many ways to select a topic for the college term papers and there are fewer chances for you to get stuck in this part.

Hence, I discussed the Mind making, Planning and Deciding essay topic in this part of the article that will help you a lot when you will need to write your own paper. In the next part of this article you will learn about the deciding of essay types, titles, conducting researches, making the first drafts, following the draft to write the main paper, write the introduction of the college term papers, raising issues and more so stick around.

Advantage Term Papers provides custom term paper and research paper writing services.

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