LPN Program: The BSN Degree

When you speak of being a nurse, you will find yourself facing a lot of odd terms and acronyms that will probably spark mental turmoil in you. Yes, nursing does not refer to being a “nurse alone”. It’s not just the ideal wear a white uniform and drags a clipboard with you as you go from one patient to the other. You will be surprised to find that there are also different degrees in nursing.


In a Licensed Practical Nursing or LPN Program, the BSN Nursing degree is probably the ideal course. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing will provide you all the skills and credentials you will need in order to become a good nurse, with a good pay and a high position. Promotions and salary appraisals are very apparent, and that is because you are licensed, and holds a diploma with you. Obtaining a BSN degree will also provide you the chance to further escalate your studies, like taking a Masteral Degree and eventually a Doctorate degree in the field of nursing. Of course, the higher position you will be able to obtain, the higher salary and position you will get as well.


There are more degrees and options upon entering the field of nursing. You have the LPN to BSN degree, wherein the licensed practical nurse, may further escalate their learning from taking the trainings and courses they learned in being a practical nurse, to obtaining a diploma in nursing by finishing the remaining courses needed for them to become a BSN. It will provide them more opportunities and experiences. There is also the RN to BSN degrees, wherein the Registered Nurses may further escalate their theoretical learning by taking a few subjects for BSN. This will provide them the chance to take further studies if they want to, and take Masteral degrees as they see fit.


Second Degree BSN degrees on the other hand, will allow a person to become a nurse even if they hold a diploma that is not related to the field of nursing. In this way, you will have the chance to have more than one degree and exercise the both of them to your advantage.


And finally, there is the Accelerated Degrees, where the person, gifted with exceptional skills and knowledge, will have the chance to learn all there is in the field of nursing in a short span of time. From the usual four years of studying, their school time will be cut off up to about eighteen months.


There are universities which offer such degrees on the net. This method will allow you to have classes and learn your lesson from hoe. Although it will be quite difficult, especially if you will be taking all your subjects online exclusively, since nursing will require practical learning, there are individuals who still opt for this type of class since it is indeed convenient and helps them save time and effort. To learn more about nursing, and find all the opportunities to learn them, visit www.onlinelpnprograms.com and find more options as you decide the path you want to take.

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