Importance of Grades in College Studies

Grades are a way of measuring performance of an individual student during high school and college studies. Grades are important for any student as they lay foundation for students for future studies in their desired schools for higher education. However, in recent times grades are not everything in order to qualify for desired colleges to further one’s education as other elements related to education have become important too.

For instance, the importance of writing a high quality admission essay during the time of admission cannot be underestimated as no matter how well a student has done academically in high school, a college admission essay can decide his/her future whether a student is eligible for higher studies in a particular college or institution or not. Moreover, it is a good habit to go after acquiring good grades but what is indeed more important is what has been learnt during the course of studies in high school or college. It is more valuable to learn something substantial during the course of a subject than just getting good grades. How important  would it be for a student if he/she has acquired‘A’ putting massive efforts but has learnt nothing of considerable value from the subject than a student who has just acquired an average grade but has learnt something sufficient.

The grading system is just there to measure the performance of students and it can vary from professor to professor. However it should be such to ensure that every student in the classroom goes through a grading system as to enforce maximum benefits in terms of learning something valuable. Therefore, it should be looked at as something as a yard stick for students to evaluate their own performances and adapt better learning practices.

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