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Legal proceedings advance at a rate that only allows a court reporter to write their notes in shorthand. In order to have those documents written in standard form scopists are hired. Students can enter numerous degree opportunities by completing a higher education program offered by a vocational college.

Scoping technology is learned inside schooling that teaches students how to use computer-based applications and terminology to accurately transcribe different court documents. When deciding on a school and more specifically a program students need to take into consideration the amount of time they want to spend studying. This is relevant to scoping technology degree opportunities because of the amount of available options. Vocational colleges offer programs anywhere from three months to two years. Programs less than two years are certificate’s that allow students to study the field specifically. Two-year programs provide students with an associate’s degree.

Inside certificate programs students mainly study career skills. The short amount of time spent in actual courses allows students to step into the industry quickly. Main career skills that are focused on inside a certificate program include:

The ability to transcribe using correct grammar and punctuation
Being fluent with medical and legal terminologies
Understanding the industry’s computer software

These skills are gained by working through specific courses on becoming a scopist. Courses often break down each part of the career in a step-by-step process. A course on reading steno goes through the editing process by having students practice on different court proceedings and their documents. Course topics teach students to use correct grammar, terminology, and research to efficiently transcribe a document. Some programs integrate computer-aided transcription systems into their curriculum. A computer system is used to help professionals provide completely accurate transcriptions. This is important because the transcriptions become an official part of a trial’s legal record.

Students that pursue associate’s degrees will find that education is very similar to certificate programs. Education is similar in the aspect of career-oriented skills. Meaning that courses cover all of the same material as certificates. The difference is that education provides a foundation using general education courses and the scoping technology courses are usually longer allowing students to become more familiar and comfortable with the work they will do for a courtroom. Courses may consist of subjects like:

Language of steno
Complex steno patterns
Court reporter’s English or their shorthand
Computer software practical application

Subjects like these focus on the required knowledge of scopists to correctly fulfill their role. Courses also center on the ability to understand notations and audio files, which allow scopists to produce a polished product that is useable in the court system.

Whether a shorter or longer program is chosen students receive the adequate knowledge to become a scopist. Many programs exist, allowing students to choose the scoping technology training program right for them. Accredited programs are approved by agencies like the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to provide the best quality training possible.


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