Why Online LPN to RN Degree Programs Rock

You are already working as a LPN or LVN and are feeling stifled in your current position. You wish to study further and take a degree that will help you progress in your career as well as give you much needed additional income and status. But you are constrained by time and money and by the fact that you will be required to go back to college and attend all the boring lectures. This is definitely not workable for you and is proving to be a big stumbling block. Do not worry, there is great news and this is sure to make your dreams come true.

You can now go ahead and make a good advance in your career in nursing and also improve your earning potential by getting an accredited degree in nursing without the need to attend college. You will thus be able to save time as well as the expense involved in tuition fees. This initiative possible through online degree program offered by the College Network will help you progress from LPN to RN in much lesser time as compared to the traditional classroom route. Moreover, this facility enables you to continue your current working lifestyle and you are able to study at your own pace and convenience.

This distance learning program is totally online and is fully recognized by industry due to the tie ups with reputed universities for the handing over of the degrees like bachelor’s degree and other work oriented certificates. It involves a format that has classroom as well as specific online course modules prepared in consultation with leading universities and this enables the participants to complete the courses without the need to attend college. Some of the benefits are:

a) You get a degree accredited by universities and recognized by industry
b) You need not attend classroom and no attendance is taken
c) You save on money that you would have incurred on tuition fees
d) You can study at your own pace and convenience.
e) You can balance your current lifestyle and continue to work and study.

The only requirement is that you must be a LPN or LVN and this eligibility is enough to help you request for the Associate in Science degree in the nursing field. Once you obtain this degree, it entitles you to:

a) Salary boost of $ 15,000.
b) Total job satisfaction and security
c) Great feeling of personal achievement
d) Opens greater opportunities for career advancement
e) Improves your current status and dignity.

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