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Now Home Industry, celebrity endorsements, as has been long criticized China’s college entrance examination.

China is a mighty force in single entrance, and after a single-plank bridge that is favored into the safe, which knows the future is facing the harsh reality of jobs when they graduate.

Home building materials industry, business multitudes that do find a star brand ambassador, that is, do the brand, and would assume that would be considered a brand in consumers.

By celebrity endorsements, the majority of home businesses do is “the world no Bushi Jun” brand dream, get may be “kept in purdah people not know” reality.

Because too many stars to do business with domestic enterprises brand endorsements, too many businesses over the difficult path.

Into any of a large Chinese home building materials store, reminding us of scenes into a star on the museum, a popular, expired, known, unknown, scream on the name, not by name, the face cooked, mixed with a Lian Shu, and is going to star.

When Marketing Homogeneity to such an extent when the market is not “winning” sales, and become a “win” off the.

The first companies to use celebrity endorsements is a genius, and the second is with celebrity endorsements mediocre, and the third is the use of celebrity endorsements fool … …. The first N-enterprises with celebrity endorsements is a pig. “Gratifying” that the home-building materials industry is already a hog a full circle.

Domestic industry is not the only celebrity endorsement of a popular industry, but also a “hit” serious industry.

Frequently for business and the media heavy launch is certain home businesses do employ a certain star brand spokesperson.

Rich companies and asked a tender lips, and no money to hire a senior business rise and fall color.

Companies are drawing on real money on celebrity endorsements, the thin is that their fat is the star broker Advertisement Companies and star himself.

Company thinks celebrity endorsements will become the idols of consumers, the reality really is “vomit as” a. To see more, so that consumers have the object of vomiting.

Enterprises believe that the endorser is a brand of the shortcut, when all of the companies are thought, are so dry, celebrity endorsement has become the brand of the “bottleneck.”

Celebrity endorsements, in the home building materials industry also continued to play, companies would like to pay, Star would like to make money, one of willing to suffer, who’s too busy.

Addition to celebrity endorsements, are not their brand of corporate path, Is a Mountain Road since ancient times, are no shortcuts to create the brand?

Roads lead to Rome, so why squeeze the “celebrity endorsement” of a single-plank bridge, the non-celebrity endorsement can still create a brilliant and classic.

Non-celebrity endorsements, how to make household brand emerging?
Addition to Star, enterprises can also use what brand?
“Five principles” can help the home building materials business another way.
“5” means “star head, beauty first, old head, Xiao Maotou, animal head.”

Use of celebrity endorsements is the “first star”, with the star’s reputation with corporate reputation, with star qualities on behalf of the brand’s temperament, personality on behalf of the brand with the star character. Good use of celebrity endorsements of the brand is a plus, with good minus points. Home more than the current abuse of celebrity endorsements is arbitrarily arranged, star head is there, in his early chances brand is getting smaller and smaller.

“Beauty head” is the moon in the round than the Chinese. Beautiful than Chinese girls popular in foreign countries. Especially those who want to sell adult participation turnip “false foreign devil”, particularly with foreign beauties head love simple and honest Chinese consumers. Americans first used very well for corporate luster, with good will as the smear business. Beautiful women posing as Europe can not blame high cost beauty Russian beauty and Brazil in particular welcomed by the business.

“Old head” is also the moon in the round than the Chinese. “X thinking” brand is used with the elderly head of the most successful. Master, expert, founder of an old man, especially foreign old man, yours is full of Chinese consumers is persuasive. Radish old is old in generation on the right. As the old man is not invited to the University of enterprise bar foreigners or foreigners, consumers are difficult to trace the. Play “old head” of the enterprise, we should consider how to justify themselves, but also to consider how one day, “bleaching” of the posterior. After all, people without thought there must be close at hand ah.

“Xiao Maotou” is a very mess with the consumer favorite. Nippon Paint color band from the bottom to the infant “X King Ware” pee children are consumers posting eye-catching. Xiao Maotou good use, and better than the first U.S. head-Star.

“Beast head” home business with very little, with less good. “X Friends of the furniture,” David with the giant panda, but the commercials are too rough, so audiences for half a day failed to understand the panda and the brand in the end What is the relationship? Why pandas to speak for business, it is a bit unfortunate.

Home industry, business, brand to succeed, in addition to “star head,” there seems to be the “four heads” can help the brand speak out.

Whatever the head, the brand if they can succeed, because business at the right time, the appropriate stage of development, with the appropriate way to do the right thing. As for the one in secret, only a sense can not explain in words.

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