A College Internship: The Benefits

Students often wonder whether it is worth seeking an internship while still in college, as most students believe that they cannot handle the rigors of school combined with the responsibilities a part-time job will bring. These students often miss out, however, on a very valuable opportunity to expand their horizons and meet new people. And an internship usually will not interfere with schoolwork, studying and reading assignments college students are bothered with every semester.


With a college internship under their belt, students are able to see the world in a way they may have never seen it before. They will have gone through a little bit of an introduction to the real world and the challenges it may hold for them as they embark on the beginning of their career. Expanding their horizons through a college internship, students are able to meet new people and expose themselves to new ideas they may have never considered in the past. Being able to expand their ways of thinking and consider different ways of doing business, students become more well-rounded, something that many employers are looking for in their applicants and potential new employees.


A world of experience and knowledge now at their disposal, students who have gone through a college internship program are often much better prepared for the real world than their peers who may not have taken advantage of the opportunity. Employers will often notice that a student is better prepared when he or she has had some experience working in the real world, outside the usual classroom setting that students limit themselves to. Professors may try to recreate real world scenarios, situations and scenes, but when it is done in the confines of a classroom, or in a classroom setting, it is not the same. Getting out and finding a new understanding of the world is important for college students.


This will allow them to see the way the world works and what challenges it may have in store for them once they graduate college. Graduation is a fun time for many students and their families, as it is a time to reflect and celebrate their accomplishments. It can also be a scary, uncertain time. Looking back and wondering if they prepared themselves enough is never a fun situation to find themselves in. When a student has a college internship behind them, they can enter the job market with a little more confidence and self-assurance. They will know that they possess the proper skills and experience to impress interviewers and succeed in their new job.

So when it comes time to decide whether a college internship is the right move, consider the value it holds and what it can do for a student’s confidence and leadership ability. Entering a job interview with these qualities will put the student at an advantage. And it does not cut into study time as much as many students believe. It can actually be a bit refreshing to get out of the dorm and off campus for a few hours a week.

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