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Book reports provide information about the structure and content of a particular book. It involves providing a summary about a book and giving objective thoughts about the book contents. Book reports also provide information about the structure of the book. This refers to the setting, plot, characters, ideas, themes and style used in the book. The aim of book reports writing is to provide adequate and objective information that will enable the reader to decide whether the book is worth reading or not. Book reports can be written for any book whether fiction or non fiction.

While writing book reports begin by introducing the book to the reader. Provide full bibliographic information about the book; name of the author, date of publication, title of the publication, place of publication and publisher. It will also add value to your book reports, if you include brief background information about the book or the author. This would contain details such as author’s previous writings, circumstances that prompted the author to write this book or any other credentials of the author. Then you should classify the kind of book being addressed by your book reports. Books are divided into two broad categories; fiction and non fiction.

Fiction books are books that represent ideas and phenomena that are creations of the author. On the other hand non fiction books represent facts that exist in reality. You should also classify the book in term of the subject area. This means indicating whether it is a philosophy book, biology, literature or anthropology among others. Regardless of the field, writing book reports will follow similar structure. The next step is to analyze and to provide the thesis statement of the book. Tell the readers what the book is all about and what it intends to achieve. Proceed to describe the structure of the book inside your book reports.

State the main points discussed therein and how they relate to the thesis statement. Describe the plot, setting, characters and themes represented in the book. Your book reports should also summarize the content of the book. Make sure that after one has read your book report, he or she will be able to get an idea of what the book is all about. The final step is to give critical evaluation and comments about the book. State your own views on whether the author of the book has achieved his purpose, what you think the book has contributed to the relevant field and whether the author has expressed his ideas in clear and easy to understand manner.

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