Find Snack Alternatives to Chocolate

Chocolate is the magic word for kids. You name it and you can make them do their lessons, complete all their assignments; clean their rooms and what not. Why just kids, even young adults and grown ups share the same kind of passion for chocolates. Chocolates are not called sinful just like that. You may feel tempted to have more and more of it but you cannot help yourself from feeling guilty of the calorie count. The sugar and fat content in chocolates is extremely high and therefore it is not a good idea to have them if you are looking forward to shed some weight.

Since kids are not much aware of the effects of chocolate on their health, it is necessary for their parents and teachers to educate them in this regard. Obviously you cannot stop a child from having chocolates but there needs to be a limit to it. Obesity is now common in kids. The main reason behind this is the consumption of fried foods, chocolates and candies and a lack of exercise. Kids these days are becoming more and more prone to a sedentary lifestyle where computer games have replaced any kind of physical activity.

The high sugar content in chocolates has an adverse effect on the sugar level in the body. This may lead to the onset of Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes coupled with obesity is not something that you want for your child. Therefore it is necessary to raise awareness about healthy fundraising solutions.

The health statistics in the United States of America project a dismal picture as far as kids are concerned. As many as 30% of the children in the country, who were born after 2000, have a high risk of developing diabetes. There has been a conscious effort from the state health departments and schools to encourage healthy fundraisers. This is apparent from the implementation of laws like California SB 12 and similar health laws in other states. As a result chocolate fundraising was banned by numerous schools in the past.

The food served in these events would incorporate healthy fundraising alternatives, an assortment of delectable snacks that would taste equally delicious but go easy on the calorie count. They are no less tasty and the kids would definitely love them.

Healthy snack alternatives have 35% less fat, 25% less sugar and 10% less saturated fats. As a result parents need not bother about what their child is eating in fundraisers that go for healthy snacking options. In fact, the children consume 250 calories less than what they would have done otherwise. They comply with the nutritional guidelines set by the health departments of various states.

Healthy snacks are a great alternative to chocolates and they go a long way in reducing the risk of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes in kids. When you opt for these healthy snacks, you are sure to get a satisfactory blend of taste and health.

Alec Moreland promotes wellness, nutrition and healthy snacks in fundraising to reduce obesity and Type 2 Diabetes in schools. “America’s #1 Healthy Snack Fundraiser” is The Chocolate Alternative.

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