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Having a home office, even if you do not work from home, can be an organized way of taking care of financials, keeping all paperwork in an easy to find file cabinet, and having everything you need in one place. Of course if you do work from home, then you have learned early on that defining some kind of space in your apartment or house for your office is critical to being productive. Working away from the desk though, is also an option as flexibility is key to staying motivated. Similarly, if you do not have the space to designate a home office, consider these alternatives.

If you primarily work with your laptop, you know the benefits of being able to work wherever you want. At home, you sometimes sit in front of the TV when working or doing mundane tasks that do not require much concentration. Sitting on the couch and looking down at your laptop creates stress on your neck and back. Consider a laptop tray table, which is similar to a TV tray table, but goes further as it can be adjusted on a slant or a flat tabletop surface. It can also be adjusted for height. This is a great way to improve your posture as it eliminates the slouching that you so often do without being aware of it.

When you set up a home office, you usually set everything up (such as the computer, the printer, the telephone) near each other with your desk being the primary focal point. However, if you like to alternate where in your apartment or house you work, remote capabilities are a must. A laptop with wireless internet is a start as is a cordless phone. Now you can work in the kitchen while keeping a close eye on that pasta sauce you are making for dinner. That’s multi-tasking, something we are all subject to in today’s busy way of life. Should you need to print something out that you would rather do now instead of having to connect your printer to your laptop later, you could get a wireless network printer. Working flexibly at home and multi-tasking have now never been easier and more enjoyable.

Ear pieces or bluetooth headsets are not just for driving. They are ideal for taking quick calls that will not slow you down as you are working. With a headset, you need not be afraid to answer your cell phone and can confidently continue filing or whatever other tasks you can handle without too much concentration while talking on the phone. It will also prevent you from getting a neck ache.

Having flexible work options will fuel your motivation to be creative and productive. No one can sit in the same spot all the time without boredom setting in. Plus you will feel constrained and not able to get anything else done. It is good to change it up every now and then. And if you do not have the space for a home office, then these alternatives are just what you need.

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