Hidden Spy Camera Alternatives

Today, a number of hidden camera devices are available in all shapes and forms, as mentioned in previous articles we have glorified the spy pen for its amazing versatility and how it can be used in all sorts of situations. Despite our praise of this device we have to admit that it’s not always the best-hidden spy camera for the job. So here is a quick run down on some of the alternative spy camera products on the market today.

Spy Glasses/Sunglasses

This is the device that began the whole hidden spy camera craze; depicted in movies they allowed someone else to watch what someone else was seeing. Originally a micro camera was hidden within the nosepiece that connected the lenses together. The main reason these nifty little gadgets never really seemed to take off however was the sheer size of the camera embedded within the frame. It just made them to bulky to be discreet. An answer was soon found in the form of sunglasses; their design allowed much thicker rims without giving away the secret of the hidden camera. Only problem is you can only really use them when it’s sunny.

Overall spy sunglasses are brilliant products. The space that the framework provides allows good quality camera to be installed with other good quality components. While not offering the same versatility as a spy pen they are defiantly a fun alternative device.

Clock Cameras (And other stationary devices)

One of the least obvious places to ever hide a camera, people began hiding chunky high quality cameras within wall-mounted clocks and other objects. Often placed in devices high up in the room to ensure a good view of the whole room, they have provided full room security for years.

The offer no versatility, they are literally a one trick pony, but what a trick. If you’re a hidden camera hound like myself you certainly would be lost without one of these variations in your collection.

Pre-disguised Hidden Cameras

Some how we have found ourselves coming full loop round back to the spy pen. We shall make an effort not to keep mentioning it as there are other devices this concept has been used to create, most often common day-to-day items.

We’ve come across several really strange disguises in our time. The most common of these seem to be tie clips, remote controls, and chewing gum packets.  All offer roughly the same quality of recording as each other.

The problem we have with these is that they are limited to how you can use them. A good piece of spy equipment should be versatile and always comfortable in its surroundings. The devices are not useable everywhere you go, so failing miserably we find ourselves coming back to the spy pen and stamping it with out recommendation.

A spy pen isn’t the only hidden spy camera out there, Jason Bosworth attempts to inform you of some of the other hidden devices available to you today.

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