Anxiety Disorder in College

For many, the college experience remains one of the most fun times of their lives. However, for others, attending college comes with a number of difficult experiences that can cause a great deal of anxiety. Dealing with social interactions, the pressures of studying, having to work a part-time job while attending classes can all lead to developing an anxiety disorder in college. While some may dismiss the onset of anxiety as a “weakness,” the fact remains that anxiety must be taken seriously and proper treatment should be sought. If not, the ability to perform at the best of your abilities in school will be greatly hampered.

Unfortunately, for many dealing with an anxiety disorder in college, the treatment sought is often worse than the condition. That is to say, the will seek a professional who will supply them with antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication that often does much more harm than good. In some instances, the mental effect that these prescriptions deliver can be problematic. Some students will feel “doped up” while others will feel over stimulated. Then, there are long-term health issues these drugs can have on the body as well. As such, it is best to explore natural remedies for anxiety since they can often reduce problems associated with anxiety while not delivering any unfortunate side effects.

Often, something as simple as controlled breathing can work wonders for reducing anxiety. Slow and deep breaths can help a person calm down and become placid. Simply closing one’s eyes and engaging in deep breathing while simultaneously counting backwards from 10 to zero can often deliver much needed results.

For those looking for something more active and disciplined as a means of dealing with an anxiety disorder in college, it can be a wise idea to take part in meditation. Meditation provides a very easy way to put the noise one may be experiencing in the mind to rest. Often, it is a great deal of unrest and clutter in one’s head that can lead to an anxious state. Meditation can provide the gateway to calming the churned mind. In the past, venues where one could learn to meditate were rare. Today, however, yoga and pilates present a fun and enjoyable way to take part in these activities. Of course, reading a little bit about Zen can also help educate you in the strategies of meditation.

One of the most tried and true staples of dealing with anxiety is to take part in an exercise program. Exercise has the potential to free one’s body and mind from pent up, excess stress and energy. Your exercise programs also need not be anything strenuous. Even a very light exercise program can help reduce an anxiety disorder in college.

Also, avoid all those energy drinks when you plan to stay up late at night studying for a test. Whenever you are dealing with an anxiety related condition, it is best to avoid any product that is high in caffeine. Caffeine makes people nervous and agitated, which can significantly increase anxiety. As such, one’s use of caffeine should be limited.

It is never easy to deal with an anxiety disorder in college. However, there are ways to alleviate the problem safely and naturally. It is these methods that are recommended the most.

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