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An MLA format term paper is written according to the regulations and jurisdiction of the Modern Language Association formatting style. Such includes various unique features which are characteristic to this style especially when it comes to term papers. The MLA style papers are exempted from including title pages as parts of the paper. Thus the first page of the MLA style paper is the one which contains the introduction and parts of the real MLA style paper. This makes it a unique style as even the header does not comprise the heading or title of the MLA style paper but only the last name of the student and page numbers in a chronological manner. The details which are part of the cover page are included in the first page on the right hand corner.

MLA style term papers are original in that they comprise of external sources of information as the content of the term paper is retrieved from varied sources and not necessarily the internet. Hence the MLA style paper must include inside the text citations for quotes and phrases that are borrowed from other sources that are illustrated by the lecturer. These citations are composed of the author’s surname and the year during which the material was published. The MLA style papers also require that the student should include the exact page numbers where the quote was extracted from. At the end of the MLA style term paper, the student than prepares a detailed works cited page. This is written in an alphabetical manner in the following format; the author’s surname, their second name (names of other authors if the source is co-authored), the title of the book which is underlined, the exact page(s), the city of publishing, the publisher and lastly, the year during which the publishing took place.

The MLA style paper requires that all paragraphs should start from the very first point of the margin hence no indentation of paragraphs in MLA style term papers. The same case applies to the reference list which does not include the indentation as all the surnames start from the margin and are blocked until the last one. Similarly, the text should be typed using Times New Roman and font size 12 which is considered as the standard for academic papers. The space between the sentences is 2 which ensure that there is adequate spacing from one sentence to the other hence legibility of the MLA style paper should be maintained as highly as possible.

The MLA style term papers should include all the required details in five pages to make the 5-paragraph essays which are characteristic of MLA style papers. The five paragraphs are made up of the introduction which has a single paragraph, the discussion which has three paragraphs in order of importance. These paragraphs contain various ideas with the strongest idea being in the first paragraph. The fifth paragraph is the conclusion where concluding remarks are outlined in summary form. The introduction and concluding paragraphs in MLA style papers incorporates the thesis statement which defines the scope of the MLA style term paper. By including all these elements of the MLA style term paper the student is expected to garner maximum grades especially on the side of proper utilization of the format.

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