Moms, Should You Earn A Junior College Degree?

Many people don’t take junior colleges seriously. A 2-year college education could be exactly what a single or stay-at-home mom needs. Both academically and personally junior colleges present a wealth of options. Earning money to go to school is also an important but not impossible task.

It’s a big myth that junior colleges aren’t for serious students. Strong course work, lower tuition and geographic nearness are three of the best characteristics of community colleges. The flexibility and opportunity are great for moms who want to go to school. Championed by President Obama in 2009, the Grants for Moms incentive is an effort to help more moms enroll in junior colleges and other schools of their choice. A $ 5,000 award to return to school is a huge incentive.

The most important reason for many who attend a community college is the lower costs. Moms who apply for a $ 5,000 grant certainly want to be cost conscious when going to school. Usually the tuition and fees at a junior college are more than 50% less expensive than many colleges and universities. Having high SAT scores and GPA could result in a 2-year college paying through scholarships for that bright student to come to that school. This is good news for a teen mother who wouldnt find it feasible to attend a university even if she has the high test scores to allow it. A student can use the mom grant to pay for any school or school-related costs.

Junior colleges are becoming much more diverse and challenging in the level of courses they have. Many 2-year schools give their high-achieving students the chance to enroll in the school’s honors program. Chances to study broad interests are also part of the developing community college landscape. One 2-year school in the Times article encouraged and provided opportunity to study abroad in various places. The benefit is that students gain a broader perspective of the world, and colleges are able to attract more students.

With scholarships for mothers, junior colleges are even more in reach than before. Attending a junior college allows a mom to save some money even as she has the bonus of a $ 5,000 mom scholarship. Junior colleges are fully capable of producing capable professionals who move into work or go on to get an advanced degree. On the path toward your career, a 2-year degree is a good first step.

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