The Versatility of a Law Degree and Jobs Within the Field of Law

The mindset is, naturally, that if one pursues a degree in law it means that person wishes to become a lawyer. While this might apply to the majority of students who declare the major, it is not wholly uncommon for somebody to acquire a degree and decide not to become an attorney. Various factors may come into play, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the earned degree is worthless. A degree in Law offers graduates a variety of alternatives – some within the law field, others related.

Those who study law and work toward a diploma are well aware of the many concentrations within the program. One may wish to learn more about criminal law and work with enforcement officials, while others may wish to assist clients with probate and wills, copyrights and trademarks, and issues in the entertainment industries. Those who ultimately decide upon a different career path have other options within law that can still prove lucrative and satisfying. Just some of the available positions for somebody contemplating a new track are:

Legal Assistant – Work with law offices on a variety of tasks
Paralegal – Working under the supervision of a lawyer, a paralegal often researches cases and prepares legal documents
Law Clerk – Law clerks assist judges with their legal proceedings
Litigation Specialist – For specific cases, a specialist may be called in by a firm to assist with proceedings

If you are a law school graduate and are interested in an alternate position related to your line of study, making an appointment with a staffing firm specializing in jobs in law is a good start. Because law firms tend to look for a certain type of employee, they may use the services of such an office to filter out unsuitable candidates, leaving the best available people for the final interview. An online search of law staffing firms in your area is a good point of reference to begin your career in law.

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