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It’s widely accepted that education is important to having a successful future. Even before he became President, Barack Obama spoke about the need to make education a priority. Free money through grants and scholarships is only the beginning. Expenses like college tuition and housing grow even as the economy suffers. Schools don’t offer scholarships to ever student to cover necessary expenses. Unfortunately some students turn away from higher education because it’s too expensive. Single moms are especially affected in a bad way. Helping single mothers get an education helps their families and future employers. It’s important to the President and that’s why he’s implemented a program for scholarships for mothers. Because of his efforts many people now refer to Federal Pell Grants as Obama grants. In the 2009-2010 school year, students could get a grant of up to $ 5,350. This is an increase of $ 1,000 over the previous maximum, and the goal is to help working mothers return to school. Tuition, books, travel and school supplies are all expenses that students can cover with grant money. There’s also another great program: the American Opportunity Tax Credit. With this tax program, the first $ 4,000 of community college or university expenses are free. At less expensive schools in particular this is a big credit. Single moms often fall into this group, so these programs are particularly beneficial to them. There are plenty of options on where, when and what a student can study. With more incentives, more ambitious adults will realize their goal to get a college degree. The President has demonstrated that he considers this issue a priority. With the recent passage of the economic stimulus plan, a lot of college loans will be offered by the government. There is more government emphasis on properly preparing students for their future at all levels of education. The President believes community colleges need to become viable options. A 2-year degree or the time spent learning a technical school from a community college can be a tremendous asset. In 2007 Obama stated, “We need to put a college education within reach of every American. That’s the best investment we can make in our future.” The President’s actions are reflecting his words. The mission to educate all Americans is certainly helped by providing scholarships for mothers. Traditional and non-traditional students alike have numerous opportunities to put their education first.

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