Is the College Degree Useful?

Are you a college student? Would you please tell me whether the college degree is useful or not?

About a decade ago, university students could find satisfactory and enviable jobs after their graduation.

But now, things are different. Today’s university students usually have much pressure in finding fairly good jobs. They always say disappointedly that graduation means joblessness. Why nowadays university students have so much pressure in finding jobs? In my opinion, this kind of pressure is mainly caused by three reasons.


Firstly, the government is enrolling more and more university students year by year. And the growth of the students’ number has surpassed that of the need of the society. So, when so many students graduate at a time, the chance of finding jobs becomes tiny. Secondly, today’s university students, most of them are the “only-child”, who is more mentally frail. Since they are indulged greatly at home and haven’t been trained to do things on their own, once it is their turn to go out of the campus and find jobs by themselves and decide what kind of jobs to choose, they feel bewildered and don’t know what to do. If their first try fails, they will be frustrated and think that it is really hard to find jobs.

Thirdly, some university students are not qualified for good and challenging jobs. After entering the university, they don’t study as hard as they did in high schools. They begin to sleep during the class or even be absent for classes. Some are addicted to computer games or various novels, or step into the two-person-world ( ) too early. Because these things have taken up so much of their time and energy, their study is neglected. After four years of university life, they haven’t gained the knowledge those fairly good jobs or certain positions require.

This situation can be changed. In order to get a good job after you graduate from school, you may try to improve yourself from some other aspects. The government may decrease the growth of enrolling university students gradually. And the university students can join in some extracurricular activities on campus to train our abilities of doing things independently and try to do some part-time jobs during weekends and vacations to gain more social experience. What’s more, students should attach greatest importance to our study, not anything else. We should study harder and try to master the methods of how to put the knowledge they have learned into practice so as to be qualified for the jobs which we desire.


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