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Students write different types of college essays. For example, students write argumentative college essay. Most students find it difficulty to complete their college essay because of various reasons. First, most student’s do not have sufficient time to write college essays. Also, the students do not know how to write different types of college essay. Another factor that hinders students from completing their college essay is lack of enough resources to use when writing their papers. The students find it hard to combine various resources when writing their essay. This in turn affects the quality of the paper as they are unable to state their points clearly. In addition, the students find it hard to understand the various sources they use to write their essays. This is because they do not know how to carry out research and how to apply the concepts they have learned in class. This affects the validity of the content as the content is not supported using the right sources and information. Most instructors provide the grading criteria as part of the instructions. This is to make it easy for students to write the essays according to the grading criteria. Most students are not able to meet the requirements stipulated in the grading criteria and they write papers that do not meet the criteria.

Students should follow the following guidelines when writing college essays. First, the students should choose the topic to be analyzed in the college essay. The topic of the college essays should be easy and wider. A large percentage of the students choose topics that are hard and narrow. This makes it hard for the students to write the college essays well. The kind of topic students choose determines the quality of their paper, organization etc. So, students should be careful when choosing a topic to avoid such issues. Instructors emphasize that students select a topic that they are familiar with o as to develop the college essay well. Apart choosing the topic, the students should develop a rough draft or an outline for the college essays .The outline should show clearly how the students are supposed to write their college essays.

The next step is writing the college essays. College essays have various parts. The college essays should have an introduction, body and conclusion. The student should begin writing the college essays by writing the introduction. The introduction provides a background of the topic being analyzed. The student should provide a detailed background of the study. In addition, when writing the introduction, the students should include the thesis statement and the subtopics to be examined. This will make it easy for the reader to understand the college essays. The introduction should act as an attention getter. So, the students should ensure the introduction is interesting so as to enable the reader to read the college essays.

After writing the introduction, the students should write the body of the college essays. In the body, the student should state the main points clearly. Then support the key points using relevant content from various sources used in the research. In addition, the students should ensure the college essays have in text citations and references. Lastly, the students should write the conclusion. The conclusion should begin by restating the thesis statement and then summarize the content of the essays. The conclusion should be related to the entire content in the paper.

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