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If i may ask, what makes a good college essay? While this question does not have a definite answer, it pays to note that a college essays need to be well researched. When it comes to research, we mean that extensive research must be undertaken in as far as the college essays so as to assure that instructor hat you have the idea of what you are talking about. It hence follows that many students register low grades as far as their college essay projects are concerned because of poor research. Another significant issue which must be put under consideration is the college essay layout. This includes that body structure as well as preferred formatting. When it comes to body structure, you may be relieved to note that here is no fixed structure as such. What counts here is the adherence to the referencing forma as suggested by your instructor. However, if the college paper is not to be formatted in any way, that is, if he instructor does not give any instructions on how that paper should be laid out, one must have an introductory paragraph followed by the body of the text and then a brief conclusion. When it comes to formatting the paper as per the approved referencing styles, it pays to learn a thing or two about some o the most popular referencing styles. This includes on how to cite in text as well as how to present the resources used in the works cited list or section.

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