The College Grad Gap

The College Grad Gap is an event that thousands of graduates find themselves in. It is something that no one warns them about. In fact, this black hole is almost completely invisible. College grads are an under-served, ignored, forgotten, under-reached, population; and if you are a recent grad you know what I mean.

This abyss that I am talking about is the transition right after college. Thousands of graduates struggle to figure out ‘the next step,’ where to live, who to live with, how to get a job, how to pay off debt, how to make more money, how to buy a new car, and the hundreds of other questions that race through our minds.

But, there is something in particular about this situation that is kind of a pet peeve of mine. During your first year as a freshman you probably took a class called First Year Seminar, Freshman Seminar, or something to that affect. Essentially it was a class to prepare you to succeed as a college student. But whatever happened to your senior seminar?

No, I’m not talking about the class you took to develop your senior thesis. I’m talking about the class that the college developed to help you succeed for the remainder of your life outside of college. Your right! For most colleges this class doesn’t exist.

I would hope that colleges would do their best to ensure their alumni succeed after college. I mean, if alumni succeed financially that would mean more money for the college that helped the alumni get to where they are. But, colleges fail drastically in terms of helping with this after college transition.

This lack of education is a gap that needs to be filled. But, until that day when colleges do fill that gap, we graduates will continue to live and learn. Live and learn…

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