When You Need a New Direction You Should Consider Golf Career College

Millions of people across the country have found themselves out of a job and with no prospects available to them. Not because they are unqualified or unworthy, but because their field of employment has shed jobs that it will never regain. In the first few months of the recession, industries were faced with a challenging choice: shed workers and struggle on or don’t fire anyone and perish. Those who chose to try and move on with a reduced labor force soon found new technologies and sources of labor to compensate for the lost personnel, and quickly discovered that these alternate sources of support were less expensive than an employee. However, there is one field that is guaranteed to never trade out American workers for cheap foreign labor or technology, and that is the field of golf. Golf continues to be a multibillion dollar a year industry and is always looking for eager and enthusiastic personnel to man the thousands of courses around the country. Why not look into golf career college as a way to get your career, and your life, back on track?

Virtually everyone who works in the field of golf says the same thing: it is the best job they could ever want. Think about it: you get to be outside, on beautifully manicured properties. You get to meet new and interesting people every day. And depending on the specific area of golf you go into, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year – or more!

Golf career college is fun, affordable, and prepares you for one of hundreds of jobs in the golf industry. From groundskeeper to professional player to marketing specialist, the world of golf jobs is diverse and exciting.  In golf school, you will learn the basics of the game, including the rules, history, and how to play. You will also learn the nuances of course design and maintenance, as well as basic managerial know-how. The information you learn in golf school is so rich and applicable to daily life, everyone should have to attend!

In less than two years, you can be graduating with your Associate of Science degree in Golf Management, a credential that can open doors for you literally around the world. Golf is a seventy six billion dollar a year industry worldwide and employs over two million people in the United States alone. That means that while professionals with their MBAs are struggling to pay for their groceries, individuals who have a Golf Management degree have more than two million options open to them in the United States alone. With the numbers stacked up like that, it is really an easy choice, isn’t it?

If you have any reservations about investigating what a golf career college could do for you, ask yourself the following questions: Do I enjoy being outdoors? Do I enjoy achieving and being my best? Do I enjoy meeting new people and having exciting opportunities open to me? Do I want to find employment in a career that is virtually recession proof? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then there is a very good chance that golf school could be a great choice for you. What are you waiting for? Programs are filling up, and you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to start your great career as soon as possible!

Sandy Winslow likes to share ideas about career changes. Still trying to find your stride in this challenging economy? Then you should consider going to golf career college where you can train for a recession proof job.

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