How Intellectuals Create a Public

How Intellectuals Create a Public
The reason for this has less do with the elitism of the intellectual — mine is no brief for an avant garde or philosopher king — than with the existence, really, the nonexistence, of the public. Publics, as John Dewey argued, never simply exist; they …
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Leon Wieseltier Is Not Buying The New Republic — But He Is Teaming Up With
… and chair of the Emerson Collective, “an organization that uses entrepreneurship to advance social reform and assist under-resourced students” and co-founded the College Track, which “helps disadvantaged students prepare for and graduate from …
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Limitless Star Hill Harper Says Everyone Can Afford College
They hear what I call the 'sticker price' of college and think there's no way they can afford it. They stop the search right away. … There are opportunities in the energy sector for jobs in oil that may not exist where they're from. Being able to …
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