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College Scholarships Aren't Free Money
What they are often not told is that scholarships won from corporations, non-profits and other “outside” sources can reduce – dollar for dollar – the grants and cost-reducing financial aid they might get from colleges. Students with financial need …
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Ranking the 7 most interesting college jobs for Chip Kelly … you know, just
Chip Kelly's probably going to be the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles again next year. Probably. However, after engineering a massive roster overhaul that has the Eagles at 3-4, Kelly's still yet to prove he's the right fit for the NFL. His team …
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Some people thrive in a classroom but others learn by doing
An adviser to the College of Policing, which sets standards for police training in England and Wales, said: “We are looking to have degree-level qualifications for constable and masters for superintendent.” The college said that France and … The idea …
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