Keloid Treatment Alternatives

Keloid removal can be quite difficult because of the great probability of them returning, and they can also be a hindrance with their grotesque appearance and sometimes limiting mobility making keloid treatment a necessity. These scars also can produce significant pain and severe itch. Keloids can occur from a simple cut, insect bite or tattoo and sometimes left behind from a bout with acne.

Keloid scar tissue is tough, fibrous protein produced by the body to close the wound but continues to produce it even after it has been healed. They are irregular in that they expand in size beyond the limits of the wound and rise above the surface of the skin and may continue to grow indefinitely for unknown reasons.

Keloid Treatment Options

For keloid scar removal, there are two general methods that are used. The first method is applying topical creams or gels. The other is using traditional surgical techniques or more modern laser options. Remember, if one keloid has formed, you are more susceptible to these type of scars and they could return. This is why it’s important to find a doctor who specializes in keloids.


Keloid surgery is always more involved and risky and should only be considered for more severe cases. Risks during the procedure are present as in any surgery but because keloids can be very unpredictable, they can grow back larger than before surgery. In order to prevent this from happening, steroid injections, pressure bandages or radiation are used after the surgery. When compared to other methods, surgery is more expensive.

Topical Products or Scars Cream

Silicone is one topical treatment that has been effective for removing scars. Silicone sheeting is placed over the scar; however, it can be costly because it needs to be applied for several hours each day for weeks or even months until results are achieved. Many complain about using this method because the sheets don’t stay in place so its usefulness is minimized.

The next option is a scar removal gel or cream, which usually contains some form of silicone. This forms a scenario where the scar is in constant contact with the potent ingredients to remove the scar and allows normal movement and flexibility.

If you choose to use topical products like creams, gels and silicone sheeting, patience will also be needed while waiting for the desired results.

Keloid Scar Removal Naturally

Keloid scar removal doesn’t have to limited to chemical based topical products because now there are natural scars creams too. Enzymes from the serum of the simple garden snail has proved to regulate scar growth, dissolve old scar tissue and create new collagen and elastin. It also prevents keloid scarring, stops keloid itching and shrinks keloids.

This natural ingredient can be found in Bioskinrepair, a great keloid treatment. Keloid scar tissue is very different from normal scars especially when we’re talking about keloid removal, but thanks to the little snail, we can reduce the appearance of these types of scars.

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