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Success can be measured in many forms. For some people it is defined in monetary term, while other prefers popularity and respect to a high income. However, all this depends upon the career choice you make and how well you work towards achieving your goal. There are various career options available for the students these days unlike earlier times when there were only limited professions available. Education has spread even in the remotest of areas in the world, which has led to opening of many institutes and colleges all over the world. These institutes and colleges are ranked based on several factors and students enroll themselves in the institutes, which are the most famous ones in order to get a good job later in life.

There are mainly three streams in 11th standard: arts, commerce and science. Your career depends on the stream you choice according to your aptitude and area of interest. Earlier there were a few stereotypical professions, which confined the student to a narrow lane of professions. However, now since education has spread everywhere and every field requires technicality and precision, educated labor is in high demand. Even industries like leather need professional training, which was earlier confined to goldsmiths and their close knit families. However since there are many career options now, the competition has also reached a higher level. It is not enough to pass from any college. A college with high ranking is essential for a student to build up his or her career. There are numerous colleges and institutes in India, however to top the list of high-ranking colleges, a college has to excel in the following:

Excellent and trained faculty
Number of toppers
Variety of courses offered
Number of reputed companies that come for placement 
Broad and novel education structure
The number of seats offered by the college
Number of students placed every year

Usually parents look at the above given characteristics in a college before enrolling there children in it. With lot of career options available, college ranking is very important because even if a child has the potential to succeed in life and he or she is not given the right platform like a good college or institute, he or she would end up wasting the most precious years of their lives and then end up ruining their career.

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