Liposuction Alternatives

Liposuction is an invasive but highly effective fat reduction treatment that falls under plastic surgery. There are many advantages and disadvantages of this procedure, which may be the reason why a lot of people often forego it and opt for non surgical alternatives. The following options are noninvasive and cater mainly to those who are scared of having invasive surgery.

Traditional Exercise and Diet

Exercising and dieting are the usual prospects for non invasive options to losing weight and firming up. The advantages of this combination include the fact that it is natural and have fewer risks than any other option available. Another advantage is that one becomes truly healthy with the right diet and the proper exercise. Once the individual gets used to the routine, he or she becomes relatively fit and healthy. Compared to liposuction where the patient needs to learn to control one’s self immediately with no progression since the results are immediate, these two alternatives gives the individual enough time to get used to the routine as well as enough time to get used to the diet.


These are herbal sources that encourage the person to lose weight. Although many of these work decently, the taking of the supplements need to be done religiously in order to achieve the desired results. Some of these capsules and tablets work well with most individuals while others may suffer from adverse side effects. Many of these herbal supplements and weight loss products are not approved by the government and there may be inconsistencies with the claims of their manufacturers. This means that not all may be effective and there is no concrete evidence for many that they work.

Non Invasive Shapers

Cellulite removal systems that use a variety of methods to shape an individual and “melt” away the fat without the need for incisions are becoming more and more popular these days. Body contouring with the use of laser, infrared lights, radio frequency waves and massages are able to get rid of the person’s excess fats in specific areas of the body. Compared to liposuction, these methods may offer a less painful and risky alternative. Usually, a patient will need several sessions in order to achieve the desired results. The number of sessions depends on the desired results that the patient wishes to get. One of the advantages of these methods is that it can be repeated as much as the patient needs. Surgical methods and techniques usually have a limit to the times that a person may undergo it.

These are just some of the alternatives and options that an individual can choose from when undecided about getting a liposuction procedure. One option is to try out the non invasive technique that appeals most to the person in order to see if he or she reacts positively to it. Those who are not obese may want to try out the exercise and diet alternative before anything else since it also brings about a healthier and fitter body. Others can also try the body contouring options available as alternatives to liposuction.

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