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Video calling is a technological advancement that has made communication way easier for many people. In this way, you get to speak with a person from a hundred or so miles away through the Internet. What is better is that you also get to see that person, and vice versa, through streaming videos while your conversation is taking place. Video calling has not only made the original chatting services rather frail, it also bridges a lot of flaws in the world of online communication.

Skype is one of the video calling services that have become popular among many people in different countries. It is a software application that you can download and install in your computer. Essentially, you can make Skype-to-Skype calls for free and Skype-to-other-landlines for a bit of payment.

But since Skype has already too many users, it is just as prone to breaking down and crashing. This is why you must be aware of at least some of the alternatives that you can use should Skype be unavailable.

One of these alternatives is ooVoo. It is an application that allows for a maximum of six people who can chat with each other all at the same time. You can install this through any mobile device as well as in Mac and Windows computers. ooVoo also allows for video attachments that you can easily send to your contacts.

Another great alternative is the Google Voice. Of course, if it bears Google then it may be something great. With free calls via phone and video within the United States, it can really be said that Google Voice has a lot of benefits. The application allows for calls made between PCs for free. Google Voice also comes complete with voicemail, conference calls and transcription of voicemails.

Finally and especially for Mac users, you can consider installing FaceTime. This is actually a far-reaching application because there are so many users of Mac products everywhere. Therefore, video calling a friend who owns another Mac product is definitely made easier. With this you can do Mac-to-Mac calls and communication between your Mac to our iOS. The quality of the video is also rather high, with 720 pixels.

It is important that you find alternatives to Skype so that when it breaks down, you are not left hanging with no ability to call. Just make sure that you would get to use all features of the temporary plan without damaging anything.

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