A Righteous College Alternative

As summer winds down and beach chairs become replaced with school desks, most high school seniors have college on the brain.  And, let’s face it; there’s a lot to think about.  Picking a college is one of the first steps to becoming an adult.  If you have a major in mind, you want to look at schools that have that program, obviously.  If you like to ski or snowboard, you might look at schools near the mountains. If you like the beach, you might look at schools in the south.  Maybe you want to go far away. Maybe you want to stay close to home.  This can be a lot for anyone to consider.  And, some people take it one step further.  For some people, religion also plays a primary role in their college decision.

Religion is an important part of many people’s lives.  And, some Christians find comfort in knowing that when they go off to college they’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals.  Being around people who share the same beliefs and lifestyles can eliminate a lot of stress.  Fitting in at college is, in fact, a big deal.  Part of a higher education includes social interaction.  With a Christian college, students know what they’re getting into.  They know the people they’ll be around.

In addition to like-minded individuals, a Christian college presents a number of other benefits.  For one, they’re typically smaller than most state schools.  Naturally, the smaller student population enhances the relationship between students, teachers, and the administration.  Devote followers of Christianity, also, have the innate desire to watch out for one another.  The small-school setting allows this to be possible, and students are encouraged to succeed and remain strong in their faith.  Lastly, it should be noted that it’s not just the students who are devote Christians; the faculty is too.  They believe by teachings and shaping young minds they’re doing God’s work.  This ensures that teachers of Christian and bible colleges genuinely care about educating their students.

Of course, Christian colleges are not for everyone—just like any other college might not be right for everyone.  But, for some, a Christian college provides comfort and the opportunity at an enriching high education.  After all, that is the point of college, right? To receive the best form of higher education that suits you.

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