Window Treatment Alternatives

One of the easiest ways of modernizing your home is to look at adding a new window treatment to the various rooms in your house. There are so many options open to you when it comes to this area and the beauty of this is you can change the type of window treatment you currently have to give your rooms an entirely new look. For instance, if you currently have curtains throughout your house, you may consider changing to roller blinds. Alternatively, if you have roller blinds, you may consider changing to plantation shutters. There really is no limit to the changes you can make and there is undoubtedly going to be something that will match your particular d├ęcor or the interior design theme that you are working on.

For example, you may want to create a more natural, coastal or resort style look in which case wooden plantation shutters would be perfect. These have a wooden frame that fits inside the window and is attached to the window frame. Louvers are then attached to the inside of the wooden frame. A wonderful feature of these is that the louvres can be opened to allow the outside light in or they can be completely closed acting as a blackout blind. The louvres can also be moved horizontally to completely open the shutters.

Blinds offer another excellent choice whether they are roman blinds or roller blinds. Roman blinds are made of a single piece that appears pleated and is raised vertically folding in on the pleats. They give a very rustic feel to a room. Whereas roller blinds have a cylinder at the top upon which the blind rolls when the blind is opened. This too opens vertically by use of a cord at the side.

All of these options along with curtains and drapes can be made into blackout window treatments as well. A blackout blind or drape is a window treatment that lets virtually no light into the room. These are perfect for bedrooms particularly when the occupant regularly sleeps during the day as is the case with shift workers. Blackout drapes can also be used in nurseries where getting your child to sleep can be a chore with lots of light coming in through the standard curtains. Finally home theatre rooms are also the perfect situation for these to be used where the reflection on the screen of light coming in through a window can be such a problem.

I enjoy providing information about different aspects of home renovation that people may find useful particularly in areas like plantation shutters and blackout blinds that many people often know little about.

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