Top Jobs for Women Without College Degrees

More than ever women are staking their claim to the best and highest-paying jobs in the workforce. While more and more women are pursuing higher education; the investment of time and the increasing costs of even an undergraduate degree have made higher education out of reach for many women. While the best job for an individual without a college education will clearly vary according to the woman’s skills and interests, these jobs can offer women challenging careers:

Dental Hygienist

Though a college degree is not required to work as a dental hygienist, you must obtain certification through an accredited dental-hygiene school. This work involves removing deposits from patients’ teeth, teaching patients about good oral hygiene and assisting the dentist during procedures. The median annual income for dental hygienists in the U.S. is $ 61,500. For more information visit the American Dental Hygienists’ Association.

Permanent Cosmetics Technician

Permanent cosmetics technicians apply permanent color (a form of tattooing) to the skin in a way to mimic conventional make-up. Typical procedures include permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and full lip color. You will need to complete a 40 to 100 hour training course at a minimum. Licensing requirements vary by state but most states only require an application and associated fee to begin work. While many permanent cosmetic technicians with 2 years of experience can expect to average $ 60,000 annually. For more information visit the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics.

Real Estate Agent

Like most jobs in sales, you do not need a college degree to become a real estate agent or broker. To get a real estate license, you need 60 to 90 hours of training (depending on your state). The median salary for a real estate agent is $ 37,000. Seventy-five percent of all real estate agents leave the field within five years. For more information visit the National Association of Realtors.

Library Assistant

Library assistants make $ 18,000 to $ 25,000 a year. The training is on-the-job and only a high-school degree is required. Library assistants check out and re-shelve books, and maintain records of fine and overdue books. Most libraries maintain computer databases for their records so basic computer skills are required. For more information visit the American Library Association.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants make between $ 18,000 and $ 55,000 a year without a college degree. The job requires a variety of skills including planning and scheduling meetings and appointments, organizing and maintaining paper and electronic files, managing projects, using the telephone, mail services and email. Administrative assistants must have good oral and written skills. For more information visit the International Association of Administrative.

Child Care Worker

One third of all child-care workers provide child care in their own home. Child-care workers not only provide for children’s basic needs, such as food, but also develop learning programs that stimulate physical and intellectual growth. Women can expect to make between $ 18,000 and $ 25,000 a year. For more information visit the National Association of Child Care Resources.

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