Six-Figure Salary Jobs Without A College Degree

People often try to enter a college or university with the aim at getting a four-year degree to find good jobs with high salaries in the future. But, this doesn’t mean they cannot make big trucks without the education. Actually, people have a lot of chances to look for six-figure salaries that don’t ask a college degree like working as air traffic controller or becoming a fashion designer.


Air traffic controller

90th percentile income: $ 161,650

75th percentile income: $ 142,430

Median annual salary: $ 109,850

In the case you cannot get a four-year degree, consider to become an air traffic controller because you may earn big bucks


Fashion designer

90th percentile income: $ 130,900

75th percentile income: $ 90,020

Median annual salary: $ 64,260

If you are a real creative genius and own a good sense of fashion, you can completely become a fashion designer with only high school education. However, you should attend some training courses related to color, textiles, pattern making and computer-aided design


Fire chief

90th percentile income: $ 109,750

75th percentile income: $ 87,190

Median annual salary: $ 68,250

With only a high school diploma, you may be accepted into a fire department, where you will attend classes and do practical training. You should work through the ranks to become a fire chef


Network systems and data communications analyst

90th percentile income: $ 116,120

75th percentile income: $ 55,900

Median annual salary: $ 73,250

Training requirements for network systems and data communications analysts are very different. Some companies demand a bachelor’s degree but some ask an associate degree or professional certification. Of course, work experience is an advantage when you apply for the position


Police and detective supervisor

90th percentile income: $ 116,340

75th percentile income: $ 94,560

Median annual salary: $ 76,500

A few police squads ask a year or two of college-level course work but the rest only requires a high school education plus experience


Radiation therapists

90th percentile income: $ 107,230

75th percentile income: $ 90,650

Median annual salary: $ 74,170

Though you can work as radiation therapists without a degree, a training course or a 12-month certificate program in radiation therapy is a compulsory requirement for the job



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