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Chip Kelly: No college has contacted me or my agent
Asked directly today if any college has contacted him or his agent about a coaching job, Kelly answered, “No.” Kelly joked that he might be a candidate at to coach the Texas State Armadillos, the fictional team in the movie Necessary Roughness. But …

Ranking every available college football head coaching job. Who's next after USC?
Bud: My No. 1 is USC, and I'm not sure we even need to debate it. Conservatively, USC is a top-five job, and following Lane Kiffin and Sark is relatively easy. Plus, that roster is one or two recruiting classes away from being as good as any in the …
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College Football Job Rankings: Which Schools Are the Most Desirable?
No college football job is perfect. The positions below are as close as they come. Any school can make a bad coaching hire. At these schools, that's the only limitation. No one leaves these jobs under normal circumstances. Not competing for a …
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