Top Six Good Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree

High-school leavers often think that it is very difficult for them to find a good job with high salary if they cannot reach a four-year degree from one university or college. Actually, the young are able to earn living with many jobs that don’t require a degree like firefighter, appliance repairman, plumber, electrician, occupational therapy assistant, truck driver and mechanic.


Occupational therapy assistant

Though occupational therapy assistants don’t need to get a four-year degree, they must complete a certificate program or specific training course. Their major mission is to offer customers rehabilitative service with mental, physical, emotional or developmental infirmities under the supervision of occupational therapists.

Starting salary of this job: $ 30,000 – $ 38,000/ per year



Having a high-school diploma, ability to perform strength-draining exertions under intense pressure and a little relevant experience, you can become a firefighter, who saves lives and property of many people. The job plays an important role in our society.

Starting salary of this job: $ 32,165 – $ 53,608/ per year


Appliance repairman

Working as an appliance repairman doesn’t require specific education prerequisites but you need to be patient, hardworking and creative. The appliance repair is much like automotive repair.

Starting salary of this job: $ 37,345 – $ 56,285/ per year (Varies widely)


Plumber and Electrician

Like firefighter and appliance repairman, people can work as plumbers or electricians without earning a four-year degree. However, the job of an electrician requires governmental registration or license because it relates to safety reasons.

Starting salary of these job: $ 35,575 – $ 48,833/ per year


Truck driver

Most truck drivers have at least their high-school degrees before they begin to drive truck. They transport finished goods and raw materials over lands, typically to and from manufacturing plants, retail and distribution centers.

Starting salary of this job: $ 42,000 – $ 52,000/ per year



If you cannot reach a degree from one university or college, becoming a mechanic is a good choice, particularly when you are skillful and patient. You can also select a specific field such as auto mechanics, motorcycle mechanics and industrial maintenance mechanics.

Starting salary of this job: $ 30,584 – $ 40,564/ per year



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