The Best College Student Jobs

College students are busy but unfortunately, they’re often also pressed for cash. Steep tuition rates and expensive textbooks usually leave them no choice but to search for part-time college student jobs. Below are some of the best college student jobs to earn extra money and gain work experience that can be useful in a future career after graduation.

Tutor: A common misconception about tutors is that they must be the best and brightest in every subject. But this isn’t the case. To be a tutor, you just need to be better than someone else in any particular area. For example, an English major could help an engineering student write a term paper for a literature course that he or she needs to take to fill a general education requirement. Tutoring allows students to use what they already know to help others.

Waiter/Waitress: Earning tips is the biggest perk to working in a food service job and service-based compensation motivates workers to perform to high standards. Waiting tables can involve long hours and busy shifts, but developing customer service skills can be useful to students in a variety of different careers after graduation.

Campus Tour Guide: Colleges and universities often employ their own students to give campus tours to potential incoming students and their parents. Tour guide positions are often competitive and require students to memorize lengthy monologues, but they are highly respected jobs which can enhance a student’s resume.

Caregiver: Caring for young children or elderly people are college student jobs that offer an informal environment to work in. Most babysitters or caregivers are only required to complete light household chores like cooking and cleaning or they might be asked to run errands. Students interested in teaching can gain experience working with children though babysitting. Working with the elderly will give valuable first-hand insights for nursing or healthcare students.

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