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College Admissions – Why Students Need a Good College Admissions Strategy

Getting into college these days is more than just “fill out the application” and wait for word from the college. Years ago, that may have been the case, but it isn’t any longer. More students are going to college than ever before and that means more competition. AND, those same students are more active than ever before — great grades, lots of activities and community service are normal and expected.

That’s often the most difficult part for parents to understand. Just because your child has great grades and good SAT scores, doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is Ivy League material or a shoo-in at every college. So, when strong grades, solid SAT scores and tons of activities are the norm, your problem still remains: how to stand out from the crowd.

The solution is to have a compelling message to deliver to the schools and a plan to communicate it consistently to the right people. It’s going to help you stand apart from the rest of the crowd! And, the key to a good college admissions strategy is your message.

College admissions folks love anything that can help them identify your strengths and communicate them quickly and easily. Your message should make you more “memorable” to the college admissions representative who reads your application. If you have really zeroed in on the right message, it will likely be supported by others — such as your teachers who will be writing your recommendations!

Done well, your message and the strategy you use to deliver it can be powerful tools to get you noticed and in at a particular college, as it did for one of my students, Anita.

Anita’s dad asked me to work with his daughter because she wanted to get in to a highly selective school that had a top-notch reputation in the medical sciences. Exactly the kind of place that fit in with her career goals of following in her physician-father’s footsteps. Anita was a strong candidate for for the school, but she and her dad didn’t want to leave anything to chance.

Anita and I worked together to develop her message to the schools so she would stand out as much as possible from the thousands of others in the admissions office. Together, we developed her strategy to reinforce her two unique qualities — her love of and desire to study math and science plus her extraordinary accomplishments in classical Indian dance.

Her message boiled down to how she was equally at home on the stage and in front of a Bunsen burner. It was concise and, most of all, it was memorable.

She was able to incorporate this message into every part of the college admissions process — as part of her main essay; she was able to integrate it into her interviews. The clarity and consistency of her message made a great impression, as evidenced by comments made by the admissions officer after she was accepted!

Having a comprehensive plan and a strong admissions strategy kept Anita in control of the admissions process rather than letting the admissions process control her. Isn’t that more appealing than “throwing together your applications’ and “hoping for the best”? So, get started taking control…

Your Get NOTICED, Get IN, Get MONEY Assignment:

1. Create your message.

2. Identify who you will communicate your message to.

3. Start communicating that message — consistency is the key!

Jeanmarie Keller, is a college admissions and financial aid expert and creator of the Get NOTICED, Get IN, Get MONEY System, the proven step-by- step program that shows you exactly how to get NOTICED in the college admissions office, get IN at the colleges right for you, and get MONEY to help pay the college bill. To claim your F.R.E.E. audio CD: “Finding Cash For College” and receive weekly admissions and financial aid tips and strategies, go to

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Where To Get College Scholarships

Many potential college students don’t end up attending university due to a lack of money, however there are thousands of college scholarship programs available. Here is a list of the most common types of college scholarships that students can apply for:

•  Private organisations
•  Corporate awards
•  College-specific awards
•  Athletic award
•  Union funded scholarship
•  Military scholarship
•  Academic scholarship
•  Departmental awards

College scholarships awarded by the college that a student is attending are subject to strict terms of acceptance. This type of college scholarship is constantly re-evaluated throughout the length of the course that the student is funded for and can be withdrawn if the student fails to keep to the agreed terms.

An athletic scholarship is fairly self-explanatory but this type of college scholarship is probably the hardest for a student to obtain. There are hundreds of thousands of highly gifted athletes from a range of sports every year that apply for an athletic college scholarship and the numbers awarded are extremely low. It is worth bearing in mind that only the top flight schools will offer an athletic college scholarship.

The academic scholarships are one of the few that do not actually require the student to apply for them. This is because the college normally awards an academic scholarship based on the college application alone. Obviously, the very nature of an academic scholarship means that a student will require outstanding academic potential to be offered a full academic college scholarship and it is more common for a particle college scholarship to be awarded.

A departmental scholarship is most commonly awarded by a specific department of a college to either attract or retain students for courses run by that particular department. The individual department will provide information as to whether they offer any type of special scholarship or not.

There are many private organisations that offer some form of partial college scholarship. These often depend on the area that a student lives in but national organisations may also offer a student a college scholarship but the competition for these can be fierce.

On the other hand, many corporations actually have a college scholarship program but fail to award them because of a lack of applicants. The corporations may offer a college scholarship to students to attract them into the particular line of work that the corporation is in or simply to offer students in their community the chance to attend college.

Unions have a large amount of money allocated to a college scholarship fund. These are usually aimed at students who are going to enter a field of study related to the type of union.

Finally, the various branches of the military all have an extensive college scholarship program. A military college scholarship is often extremely generous but is awarded in exchange for a pre-agreed length of service after graduation in the particular branch that sponsored the student.

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When To Pursue A New Degree

Many people go to college and think that they have a good idea of what they would like to do there. However, as you dive in deeper into certain courses and subjects,you may start to feel as though you have chosen the wrong path for yourself. This can even occur after you have graduated and entered the workforce. Figuring out when to pursue a new degree is no easy task, but the advice in this article can help you figure out when the right time is.

Our Geothermal Certification workshop will enable you to enter this quickly growing clean energy market by teaching you both the fundamental theory and the practice of designing and installing ground source heat pump systems.

There are many reasons for changing your major or going back to school and pursuing a new course. For some people, they may feel that there are not enough job opportunities in their chosen field or they may not be making enough money.

A general giveaway that something needs to be changed is that you feel completely bored by what you are doing. This is a clear sign that you must make a change, and the sooner you do so, the better. You do not want to end up doing something that you hate for the rest of your life.

If you are starting to get depressed by your current job or university course because of the type of work if involves, you should definitely change your path. Your work is going to take up a huge chunk of your life for many years. It is important to make the changes early on, so you can enjoy your life.

You may be afraid to enroll in a new program or to quit what you are currently doing because you have already committed so much time to it. However, you should not feel embarrassed about making such a change, and you should remember that people do this all of the time.

Knowing when to pursue a new degree is vital to being successful. If you are unhappy with what you are doing or if you feel as though there are not enough opportunities out there for you, consider going back to school or trying online courses.

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Technical Writing Degree

This ability allows students to translate documents and focus them towards the appropriate audience. Learned writing styles include instruction manuals, pamphlets, and press releases. Online degree programs cover word processing software to familiarize students with technical and business writing. Other areas that an associate’s degree explores are graphic and web design techniques. Continuing education at the bachelor’s degree level gives students the opportunity to specialize in a particular area.

The ability for a person to read a report in understandable terms is a high priority for businesses and other organizations. The skills to take advanced technical language and translate it into an easy to read format can be gained through online schools. Students interested in this type of work can enter degree programs in technical writing.

Programs of study in technical writing often include courses English grammar, poetry, various technical disciplines, advanced technical skills, and documentation, among others. Depending on the goals and aspirations of the student and the particular technical writing course, graduates may receive certification, or a college degree such as an associate, bachelor, or master.

Accredited online technical writing schools and colleges are available to offer students the education they need to pursue the career they desire. Students can learn the skills to work in this field by completing a degree program from the comfort of their own home. Training is available at various levels of study to give students the chance to obtain the education they need.

On one side of the table you had those who believed that you can’t achieve any success without getting a college degree. The other side argued that you don’t need a degree to achieve financial success in life.

Training prepares students to write for Internet sites, engineering companies, medical offices, software businesses, government agencies, and more. The world of technical writing can be pursued at the associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree level. The higher education level students complete the more advanced career opportunities will be available to them. Some online colleges may provide students with certificate programs as well.

Students can work for a variety of companies once they have obtained an accredited degree in the field. Students have the opportunity to train for an exciting career in technical writing by enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program.

Technical subject matter is often a matter of team work of Technical Writing personnel and engineers for preparing for presentations to the general public. Technical Writing can involve rewriting design specifications, supervising chart preparation, diagramming, photography, illustration, planning, preparing, and editing technical materials.

If I were a high school graduate today looking for a college program to attend for a technical communication career, I’d definitely give the OSU program an honest thought.

Technical writing courses do not only help writers further hone their skills, but also develop their expertise in the field for which they are writing. This is the reason why technical writing courses tend to be more industry-specific than others.

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Student Jobs – Use Your Skills to Earn

Student jobs are considered by many students to be the bedrock of financing their time at college or university. The number of potential jobs are hugely varied as this article demonstrates.

Wherever you are in the world, it is very likely that going to university or college is going to be an expensive affair. Even if you get grants or loans from government agencies, there is nearly always some kind of short fall for most students.

Even if this short fall just regards the ability to spend some time socialising, it is still something that is required for a complete student experience. Only those with generous scholarships will be able to cover all their costs – most others need to find one of the various student jobs.

When it comes to finding those student jobs, it can sometimes be a challenging affair that involves looking for work both off and on campus. While there can be definite benefits to finding work on campus (making friends etc.) many people will probably find student jobs in the nearest town.

While cafés, restaurants and other part time work are common positions held by students, there are a growing number of student jobs available in positions that are less traditional. There are companies that, for example, match up students with companies so that any skills the students have acquired in their time at university can be used by the company.

These sort of set ups often benefit both parties. The student gets invaluable experience, while the firm hiring the student gets high quality services at a lower-than-usual price.

When students eventually leave university or college the experience they gained in student jobs (especially if it is relevant) can put them in good stead for finding full time work later on. This experience is often thought of as highly valuable because education systems are quite far removed the realities of working life. This way, they get a fast track into the world of modern business and commerce.

It is a good idea for a student to look at the things they are good at and see how they might fit into the requirements of modern business. Student jobs can be anything from web design to photography – and it might surprise some students to find that their skills are indeed in demand. When you combine this with a more competitive set of rates, you soon see why profit margin conscious companies like the idea of hiring students a great deal.

Gino Hitshopi is highly experienced in the realm of student jobs, having hired many students for his own business. For more information please visit:

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LPN Program: The BSN Degree

When you speak of being a nurse, you will find yourself facing a lot of odd terms and acronyms that will probably spark mental turmoil in you. Yes, nursing does not refer to being a “nurse alone”. It’s not just the ideal wear a white uniform and drags a clipboard with you as you go from one patient to the other. You will be surprised to find that there are also different degrees in nursing.


In a Licensed Practical Nursing or LPN Program, the BSN Nursing degree is probably the ideal course. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing will provide you all the skills and credentials you will need in order to become a good nurse, with a good pay and a high position. Promotions and salary appraisals are very apparent, and that is because you are licensed, and holds a diploma with you. Obtaining a BSN degree will also provide you the chance to further escalate your studies, like taking a Masteral Degree and eventually a Doctorate degree in the field of nursing. Of course, the higher position you will be able to obtain, the higher salary and position you will get as well.


There are more degrees and options upon entering the field of nursing. You have the LPN to BSN degree, wherein the licensed practical nurse, may further escalate their learning from taking the trainings and courses they learned in being a practical nurse, to obtaining a diploma in nursing by finishing the remaining courses needed for them to become a BSN. It will provide them more opportunities and experiences. There is also the RN to BSN degrees, wherein the Registered Nurses may further escalate their theoretical learning by taking a few subjects for BSN. This will provide them the chance to take further studies if they want to, and take Masteral degrees as they see fit.


Second Degree BSN degrees on the other hand, will allow a person to become a nurse even if they hold a diploma that is not related to the field of nursing. In this way, you will have the chance to have more than one degree and exercise the both of them to your advantage.


And finally, there is the Accelerated Degrees, where the person, gifted with exceptional skills and knowledge, will have the chance to learn all there is in the field of nursing in a short span of time. From the usual four years of studying, their school time will be cut off up to about eighteen months.


There are universities which offer such degrees on the net. This method will allow you to have classes and learn your lesson from hoe. Although it will be quite difficult, especially if you will be taking all your subjects online exclusively, since nursing will require practical learning, there are individuals who still opt for this type of class since it is indeed convenient and helps them save time and effort. To learn more about nursing, and find all the opportunities to learn them, visit and find more options as you decide the path you want to take.

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A 2-Year Degree on the Road to Being a Professional

Many people don’t take junior colleges seriously. For busy moms community college can be a wonderful idea. Both academically and personally junior colleges present a wealth of options. Chances for financial assistance increase the potential for community colleges to attract quality students. A common falsehood is that only people who don’t want to earn a “real” degree attend junior college. In reality many community colleges offer stimulating classes and often are right in your back yard. Young mothers who recently graduated high school obviously benefit from this situation, but so also do older mothers. Initiated in 2009, President Obama’s Grants for Moms are aimed at alleviating some of the financial pressure moms have in trying to go to school. A $ 5,000 award to return to school is a huge incentive. Financial savings are a significant factor of attending junior college. Being smart with money is a top priority for most students but especially women with children. A $ 5,000 grant doesn’t change that. At a 4-year institution the cost of attendance could be 30,000 a year or more. At a 2-year college, an exceptional SAT score and GPA could earn a full scholarship. A scholarship based on achievement is a huge incentive for many ambitious teenage mothers. Even with some expenses paid, the scholarship for moms can be used to pay for travel expenses, childcare and other school-related expenses. At junior colleges many students will find that they have study opportunities that are similar to 4-year schools. Many 2-year schools give their high-achieving students the chance to enroll in the school’s honors program. Certain community college are beginning to mirror the syllabi at big-name colleges and universities. A good example is the junior college that offers study credits in places such as London and French Polynesia. The exciting variety of classes that a student can take will only help as he or she moves on to a 4-year school or into the working world. A community college education is well within reach for a mom who has earned an education grant. Attending a junior college allows a mom to save some money even as she has the bonus of a $ 5,000 mom scholarship. Whether you want to eventually earn an advanced degree or want to go into a business or industry, junior college can help you achieve that goal. A 2-year associate degree is a great start to sound career development.

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Associate Degree In Nursing

Are you considering becoming a registered nurse? Do you possess a high school diploma, a GED or are you qualified in another field and thinking of switching careers? Did you know that of all the pathways to a career in the nursing profession, the associate degree is the most popular? For the student unable to spend four years studying for a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree or for an individual that doesn’t want to give up their job to study full-time but would still like to advance their qualifications, this is a viable option.

The associate degree in nursing is one of the several pathways for an individual to become a registered nurse (RN). The course usually lasts two years and involves less emphasis on theory, instead concentrating on technical skill development. A student can expect to receive instruction on subjects such as anatomy, psychology, chemistry and nutrition. It is possible in some cases, for students to complete the course in fifteen months. At the end of this study period, the individual will be eligible to take the national exam that registered nurses take in the US, the NCLEX-RN. When the student passes this exam, he or she is allowed practice in any of the 50 states in the US.

From a financial stand point, the four yearlong Bachelor of Science nursing (BSN) degrees, is more demanding making the two yearlong associate degrees a more attractive option. The associate degree nurse can use this as a stepping stone to earn a BSN later in their career. Another advantage of this pathway over other qualifications (like the three year diploma in nursing), is the possibility of career advancement. In the nursing schools that offer a nursing degree (BSN), there is an “accelerated mode” opens to practicing nurses with an associate degree (ADN). This option, allows the individuals with the associate degree (and), the option of completing only a further two years of study before being awarded a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree. Some schools even offer a faster route to the Master of Science in nursing, for holders of the associate degree. By investing a further three to four years full-time, a holder of an associate degree can acquire both a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) as well as a master of science in nursing (MSN) at one go.

Generally, the options offered to associate degree nurses both for easier entry into the field of nursing and further career advancement, are many and varied. As a result, the ADN option remains one of the more appealing and popular pathways for those seeking a career in nursing, which is currently a field of employment facing a massive staff shortage. For comparison, please research a diploma in nursing and a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.

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How Can Online College Courses Help You?

There are many reasons why so many people are enrolling in online college courses these days, but most of them appear to be related to the economy. With so many people unemployed and jobs becoming rare, people are beginning to see the real importance of having a degree. Without a degree, especially in todays economy, you are at a terrible disadvantage if you dont have some sort of degree under your belt.

Online college courses are the ideal way to enable you to get your degree without having to give up on your life. You can keep working, keep taking care of your family and start taking classes toward your degree immediately. And since you dont have to drive to a campus and sit in a classroom, you can do the school work whenever you have the time and wherever you may be. As long as you have a computer and an Internet connection, then you have the ability to go to school.

There is a wide variety of degree programs available online right now, perhaps more than ever. So whether you are looking to take just a few classes or want to pursue your degree right away, you will find a major that suits your personality, your interests and your career goals.

Online college courses are not easy, and in many ways they require a little more work than a traditional class might. On the other hand, you dont have to drive to school and sit in a classroom when you have other things to do. You can take your classes whenever you want (even in the middle of the night), and as long as you turn in your work on time and meet all of the course requirements, you will be well on your way to getting the degree you have always wanted.

Carla Kaplan is a writer and researcher on online college courses. Save time and money by getting FREE in-depth information and helpful tips here: FindOnlineColleges.Net

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US College Masters – Benefits, Expenses and Colleges

US MBA programs are a rage among students who want to make a career in Business Administration. Students in large numbers apply for the US MBA programs. But what is it that pulls so many students to US college masters programs. Let’s analyze a little closely.

US College Masters: Programs

Work requirements these days are no more restricted to any particular location. Jobs and profiles require people performing them to travel places. But it is not as easy as it sounds. Traveling to different places needs an understanding of different cultures, if not the languages. Management professionals need to be skilled to quickly adapt to the different cultures and culture dynamics.

US Masters: Expenses Involved

US has some of the best and the oldest masters colleges that are world famous for their quality and standards of education. Studying & living expenses for US masters programs are definitely on the higher side, but interested candidates can avail scholarships, fellowships, grants and loans. Financial aids from various sources are available to those who want to pursue studies in UK. Especially with professional programs like MBA, there is not much trouble with procuring loans and scholarships.

US Masters: Colleges

Due to aforementioned characteristics of a good masters degree in the modern day context, the applications to world’s best colleges are not local but global. Students from all over the world are looking the best colleges. Among the gamut of US masters colleges, there are some well know and world’s oldest institutions. These business administration and management schools have excelled in imparting management education over the years. Their excellence is established. And applications for the best colleges in the world are not restricted by geographics; for any discipline. So is the case for US college masters programs. Candidates from different parts of the world apply to US college masters.

Some of the highest ranked US colleges for masters are Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Kellogg, etc. Among such business schools and colleges, there is another prestigious institute that is highly popular among foreign students applying for US masters programs – The Walsh College.

Walsh College: Masters

Walsh College masters programs are one the most industry oriented masters programs. Its distinct MBA program is a blend of the mundane book theories and the day to day business application of these theories. Walsh College is a non profit institute and offers a huge variety of courses and programs at undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral levels.

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